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Selection of Newborn Chinese Name or Chinese Name Analysis


Chinese Name Selection / Chinese Name Analysis


Information Needed from you

Call us to perform an Name Selection / Analysis for you. You will need to furnish the following:-

 Date & Time of Birth for person to analyse
 Chinese Name if you want to analyse your current name.

Who will conduct the Date Selection?

Master Robert Lee will analyse the Name for you.

Time Frame

 3-5 days after we receive your details we will send you our recommended names or analysis.

Detailed & Comprehensive Explanation

After the analysis is completed, we will e-mail you the details of the name analysis or recommended names.

 You will get to know how your current name fairs to your Ba Zi. Any changes if necessary.

Committed After-Sales service

We will continue to provide after-sales services (additional clarification, wedding ceremony & details etc) to you at no additional costs.


Newborn Chinese Name

  • SGD $288
  • For those looking for the best Chinese name for your child.
  • Information Required
  • Features
    - Leave it our Expert (Online Service)
    - Ba Zi Overall Summary to match Name with Ba Zi Element
    - Name Analysis by Character Strokes
    - Name Analysis by Name Sounding
    - Name Analysis by Meaning
    - 100% Done by our Expert


Any Questions? Call Master Robert Lee at (65) 9835-5734 for more information or to arrange an appointment. Or e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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