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Reasons why Choosing a Good Home is Important?

Reasons why Choosing a Good Home is Important?

A home affects most of your Earth Luck and it superceeds your Heavenly Luck. So if you say in a house with bad feng shui, it will affect you and your family.

In a home, there are the following factors to consider for Condominium:-

  1. The plot of land of the site (ie the plot of land for your landed property or for the entire condominium). If the Feng Shui is bad, then everyone staying in this plot of land will be affected by it. This affects upto 50% of your entire Earth Luck. And most of the time you cannot change the influence here as all external buildings and structure are beyond your ability to control.
  2. The next is the position of your house in relation to the landed property or within the different apartment blocks in the condominium. (ie block A and B will each have different level of luck). Same thing here, once you choosen to say in block A as opposed to block B, you cannot change how the luck is distributed in the condomium for
  3. The Shapes and the Form of the apartment itself



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