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FAQ: Flying Star

Help: Flying Star (xuan kong fei xing)

Flying Star is also known as Xuan Kong Fei Xing. It uses many concepts of the 24 different mountain location to help you determine the 9 different location analysis.

What is Flying Star?

It is an accurate Feng Shui tool which is able to determine the two stars, Mountain Star (Zhou Xing or Chor Sin) and Water Star (Xiang Xing or Siang Sin), which is constantly moving around the luo shuo square resulting in different influences every 20-years, Yearly and monthly. Knowing any bad influences can help you apply cures to prevent and enhance your home or office. This report can be used to forecast the changing influence of a house in the 20-year, yearly, monthly, daily and hourly sectors. Thus, this report is like doing a detailed pillars of destiny report for a person. But instead of a person it charts the house birth chart instead.

This report charts the Earthly influence of a house. And this earthly influence often affects and OVERWRITE the influence found in your luck pillars. Thus, if a sector is analysed to have some inauspicious elements, it means some problems is bound to happen. Thus it is important to cure all the bad sectors rather then worry about how to enhance your good sectors.

Why should I cure the bad sectors?

Many a times, many practitioner or users wants to know where are the wealth sector and then try to enhance them with enhancers. However, these often do not work.

However, this is not the correct way. To enhance a good sector should come last. Your first priority is to cure the problem sector first. Once these are cured, you will find your luck improved  much more than getting the enhancers to work.

Also, it is often because of these bad sectors, that you are facing lots of problems. Thus, to fix the root of the problem should be your TOP priority.

How can I use the Flying Star?

20-Year Flying Star Chart - The 20-year Chart is used to determine whether your home or office is suitable for your home or office in the long term. This allows you to compare with the Eight House of the Breadwinner to find the not lonly the most suitable house but the house with the best prosperity for you.

Most Suitable House - With the Flying Star and Eight House of the Breadwinner, you can know whether the house will bring you luck and good health.

Grand Duke Position - Knowing the yearly position of the Grand Duke Star allows you to take advantage of having the Grand Duke behind you when doing anything.

Positions in Conflict - Clashes various animals signs, will let you know it is is a good position to renovate your house, etc.

Yearly Flying Star Chart - Knowing the yearly changes in your house, you can then apply the changes to house as the stars changes each year. This allows you to make any cures for a year which is not good for you.

Monthly Flying Star Chart - It allows you to further analyse your house for a year and take note of months which is not suitable for you and thus avoiding any major activity for that month.

Why is there a Computerized Report?

We know that the Flying Star contains lots of formulas and to analyse it in detail is a tedious task, so a computerized version is here to solve this problem.

Is there a free report?

Yes, there is a basic chart without analysis provided because this is Geomancy.Net - Centre for Feng Shui Research. It is to help those who do not know or want to analyse the charts themselves.

Why is there a paid report?

It is not cheap to put up servers on the internet. So the payment will help us maintain these tools and forum for your benefit.

This paid report can be purchased from Flying Star.

Generate a free limited version of the report at My FengShui

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