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Hello! I am a new student to Feng Shui. We purchased a house last year. The site we chose is on a hill overlooking our town facing north. The property slopes to the north/downhill and is surrounded by a chain link fence. Should I plant some trees in the left hand corner of the property to enhance the wealth and prosperity? I have chosen "Silver Dollar Eucalyptus" for that corner. Also should I plant bushes, trees, and or shrubs along the back of the property to keep the chi from flowing down hill or is the chain link fence enough?

1. To clarify, that means that the back of your house is a hill instead of at the `left hand corner' of the house.

For a house, it is good to plant trees to the back of the house (especially if it is sloping). As for trees on the side of the house, provided your garden is large, you can plant some trees. But do avoid planting too many trees or large ones at the West or North East or South West part of the house. Trees should ideally be planted on the East (at the Green Dragon or Yang side).

The reason for avoiding planting trees at North East is because under Feng Shui, it is considered the `Devil's gate". To find out more about the Devil's gate go to this URL: ../fs/gate.htm

At the same time, the South West area is considered the Devil's backdoor and planting too many trees or large trees could inadvertenly attract ghost spirits to `live' there. While the West side is considered a Yin location or (the White tiger) and planting too many trees may create a `too' yin environment again may also attract `spirits'.

It is also not too auspicious to plant a large tree in the front (main entrance) of the house as this may affect beneficial `Qi' from entering the house.

For houses on a hill it is best not to have the house at the top of the hill but rather in the mid-point of the hill. Too high and without protection (trees for example), the house is at the `mercy' of the elements. While houses just below the hill may be affected by soil erosion (should there be `deforestation' or heavy floods.

Cecil Lee
Center for Feng Shui Research
January 1999



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..thank Cecil for this website... Cecil Lee Cecil Lee - Feng Shui at Geomancy.Net"When I first learnt about feng shui, I had no idea there was such thing as kindergarten FengShui and the true and proper form of feng shui. I have simply accepted that fact and have followed it step by step. I have learnt many things. It's encouraged me to bring my wellbeing desires forth. Feng Shui really does bring joy into our lives - IF we apply it correctly. FIRST by starting with yourself. How is it that we can gain strong health if we drink coffee, smoke and alcohol? How do we gain a stable financial account if we tend to spend money on things we really don't need in our lives. How can you gain knowledge and wisdom if you curse and criticise? So as you can see, if we want to take advantage of fengshui, then you, as yourself must change."

"When I took action to change myself, I also felt the desire to goto church. religion is like feng shui, there are kindergarten churches, and a true and proper form of church. As i joined the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints; the only true and proper form of church on this earth. life has never been any better. I love it!! It feels as if I can take advantage of fengshui as well as live a happier life I have most desired for. It has brought many blessings into the home."

"Happiness is not within money or wickedness, but love and charity, it balances your life so it will bring forward a more better and stronger YOU!"

"I would like to thank Cecil for this website. I have followed Cecil's feng shui advice and have found them work for me."

"I hope this testimony will help all realise that fengshui will not work, if you plan to be lazy about it!!" All the best, Daniel, New Zealand

On 7/10/2003 3:18:35 AM, a forum member wrote:
" Dear Cecil, Your humorous comments under Property (to buy condos) on family 4 pillars is really hilarious & very interesting. I had a good laugh, which is relaxing after a hectic stressful day. "