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I have a huge wind chime,that was a gift from my daughter,hanging to the left side (facing entrance)of set of glass doors.They are 4 ft long.are constructed of metal,string,cedar wood.They have a beautiful melody.and are very comforting.especially at night,when it is quiet,and a soft breeze stirring.

I believe the front entrance is northwest. Can you tell me anything about this?

There are a few things to note under Feng Shui:-

1. In most cases, we can rely on our instincts. This is known as " Intuitive Feng Shui". One is that if you feel very comforting with the wind chime then that's fine.

2. The first consideration is with Para 1. It is not necessary or `compulsory' to find out more if the above is OK. What is meant here is that under the `scientific' method of using numerology, one can determine whether it is `really' good to place the windchime and under what certain period of time. This theory is called the " Flying Star Theory ". It is a dynamic assessment using numerology with a base number and two `flying stars'. to analyse 9 sectors of the house which can be used to determine if a windchime with certain material can be placed at say the North-East sector of your house.

3. In general, under the 5 elements concept of Feng Shui the North-West sector is of the Metal element and if this is an auspicous location (under Flying Star theory), a `metallic' windchime can enhance this location further.

Cecil Lee
Center for Feng Shui Research
February 1999



Users Comments our sincere gratitude to.... Cecil Lee Cecil Lee - Feng Shui at Geomancy.Net(1). Hi Cecil and Robert,

Thank you very much for participating in our Live Chat, all our members learned a lot from your pre-asked question answers as well as from the two hour session....the respond for this event was better than our last Live Chat. We have about 27 members taking part in the session.

We are proud to be the first arowana web site to be having such a comprehensive Q&A on the topic of fengshui.

I hope the attendance is within your expectation.....I guess both of you must have type non-stop for the whole of two hours. :)

The team of arowanaclub will like to express our sincere gratitude to the both of you for taking valuable time off.

Hope this exposure will increase more business for you.

Best regards
Victor Ng

(2). Hi Cecil

Your site is highly recommended by my friend. Have spent an hour surfing through your site and I must say it is really WONDERFUL. Angela C. (new forum member)

(3). Hi Master Cecil & Master Robert,

Thanks for the speedy reply. I am really impressed with the efficient services provided by your company. May many more people also benefit from your geomancy services. Wishing You and Family A Prosperous and Fruitful New Year.

Best Wishes, Kian Pin, 1st February 2003