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I have been collecting dragons for many years. I have about 20 of them - mainly ceramic. I am also a dragon in Chinese astrology. Is there any particular place I should have my dragons, or do I have too many?  Also, because I have a very small house, my computer is in my bedroom. Are there any 'cures' for this?

The only thing that Feng Shui Masters advise is to place the dragon at the East wall. It should not " seemed " to be hungry (ie the dragon article you have ) as it will mean that you have problems feeding "yourself".

However, in your case, you can collectilvely place all the dragons at one location. Preferably on the East side of your house and not the West side (yin side).

A dragon can also be used to point at your entrance door `to guard it'. On the other hand, you can use it as an alternative to say a cannon to point at a posion arrow.

Let me illustrate what problem I am currently facing:-

When I first moved to my new house, it is a condominium with a swimming pool. Further away, there is a house with an octagon roof with a flag post on it. It had created a poison arrow to my house.

I countered this by placing a wooden dragon facing this `posion arrow'. The dragon is on top of my display cabinet. It worked.

Unfortuantely, because all the floor tiles that was layed by the builder's sub-contractor was inferior, many house tiles popped up. Ours nearly did so one week ago, we had to move all the furniture into the house and let our contractor re-do the tiles.

I was very hesitant about removing the dragon but no choice as the tiles had to be laid.

True enough, for the last week, since then, the subsidiary of had this spammer forging our domain name. What he did was to use a Canadian dial-up account and sent massive spams thru lots of unprotected UK servers which did not implement anti-spamming and allowed ther network to be used as a relay for sending spams. Worse still this spammer forged our domain and make it seemed as if the mails originate from our servers. We were thus bombarded with tons of mails.

I really wish that the renovation is over and quickly place back the dragon to counter the poision arrow. Now we are defenceless!

Cecil Lee
Center for Feng Shui Research
January 1999



Users Comments
...Keep up the Great Work!... Cecil Lee Cecil Lee - Feng Shui at Geomancy.Net" I read about some exceptional experience with Feng Shui, I have my fair share of unpleasant experience with the so called Feng Shui expert , who visited my apartment and advice of various changes. To be fair with him, there were some improvement in my family life particularly my wife and son. The main problem with the expert is the unwillingness to share his knowledge , not even to paying customer ! When the consultation period was over, it is even more difficult to extract anymore Feng Shui knowledge from him. I have paid quite a few hundreds and all I get are instructions without explanation. I have no idea which "house" I belong, what is my "bai zi" , where are the good direction etc. I have read a few books by Lillian Too on DIY feng shui but I am always doubtful whether it is the right interpretation and whether I have applied correctly. Having found this site was a blessing because now I can have someone to guide me along.

Please keep up the great work. " Ang Jen