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Do you know that a Chinese Loupan (Chinese Compass) can be used as a ghost detector?

I have on a few occassions did Feng Shui audits and have to throw away the Chinese Loupan!

What happened was that during my Feng Shui audits, if the Chinese Luopan's center needle moves round and round it means that it has detected a ghost! Usually, I notice that it occurs in the North-East part of the house or building! On occassions after this, I would fall sick and had to quickly throw away the Luopan.

Take it this is part of the health hazard of a Feng Shui practioner! I think if my insurance company knows this, I would be have to pay a high premium or totally banned from taking up insurance. In the league of stuntman etc.

In case you do run out to buy a Chinese Loupan for your home, please do not use it as a display item as the trigram on the Luopan can be " overpowering ". It should not be displayed like any other object but kept properly in a `respectable' place.

Wait! If you do not understand Mandarin, it is ok! If you intent to buy a new house, you can bring it along to check out the house just by looking at the centre compass on it for any unusal activities (if any. )

Alternatively, a good FS Master can also use the Flying Star method to look at the the combination of the two stars and the base unit. Usually, if a certain number is in combination to make the location too `yin' e.g. at the North East location, then the chances of that either something previously had happened there or chances are, your Chinese Loupan will detect some haunting activity!

I will go into the Flying Star method in another one of my tips!

Cecil Lee
Center for Feng Shui Research
January 1999



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Congratulations!!! Cecil Lee Cecil Lee - Feng Shui at Geomancy.Net

Dear Master Cecil Lee

Congratulations for maintaining and continuously upgrading the Geomancy Net. Kudos to your painstaking, educative and comprehensive efforts in helping millions to take note & understand this science of Feng Shui.

I feel exultant every time I visit your site.

Thanks again for your hard work.

Warm regards
Vijay Kumar

"I greatly appreciate your help!!! I must tell others about your great website!!! All my neighbors are interested in Feng Shui."

Batson Abeer A, 22 October 2003


Dear Sir,

"You probably noticed with all my posts that I am looking for the new house. I am trying to take into consideration a lot of factors in order to evaluate a future residence. You have been a great help"
Elena Oldham, 21 April 2004