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Understand Stars

Question: I would like to know more information on the mountain and water star. What do they actually mean and where can I get this info?

In the flying star theory, there are two stars the Mountain Star and Water Star.

- Mountain Star is also known as Sitting Star (zhou xing).
- Water Star is also known as Facing Star (xiang xing) or Directional Star.

For every house, there must be a Mountain Star or where the house is sitting on (eg. sitting West facing East). There must also be a Water Star or where the house is facing (eg. facing East).

Mountain Star as you can see, means that a house should have some kind of backing or support or anything that has large mass. Which is why when you want to activate the Mountain Star it has to be in the direction where there is a wall. And in order to activate it you need an object with mass.

Water Star as you can see, means that the areas should be a large open space. Which is why when you want to activate the Water Star, you need to be in an open space. And it is also said that in order to activate it, a pool of water is need (eg pond, fish tank etc).

In any one time whether you are calculating 20 year, yearly, monthly flying star. The positions of the star changes according to the luo shu square, and this changes causes different combination of the Mountain Star and Water Star.

It is the clashes of the two stars which often causes problems for the occupants of the house. However, in any scenario, there are both clashes as well as good combinations. When you encounter good combinations, they will bring you luck, wealth etc.

As this theory takes in account the movement of the star, using this in combination with each person eight house direction, can allow you to find the most suitable house or office. Also with the various enhancements, cures and activation of stars, you can greatly improve the feng shui of your home or office.

Question: Thanks for explaining the Mountain and Water Star. I know about the "Siang Sing" and "chor Sing" but didn't know that they refer to the M and W Star.

Yes, there are different names for it, we prefer to call it Mountain and Water as it is easiler to apply the cures. Once you see the Mountain, you know just have to use an object with mass. When you seen Water, you need to have a fountain, fish tank or open area.

Question: My house lot faces south but the house itself sits West and face East. As East opens out to a driveway and the garage faces South (L shape), how can I activate the East (wood)? Before I go any further, can you clarify whether you are using your Garage (South) as the main door or your front door as the main door (East). This makes a great difference when you perform a Flying Star of your house.

Question: Do I place a fish tank inside the house or can I have some kind of fountain outside the house?

Whether or not to have a fountain, will depend on what kind of Water Star you have in that direction. Only certain number and combinations of rules. (Eg. if Water Star number is 1, and the it is the main door or living room then you can activate the Water Star Enhancers.) And regarding fish tank or fountain, please read another message by Cecil about the fish tank. Perform a search on the forum about aquarium. You will find an answer with full details about this matter.

Question: On the West ("Chor Sing" or Mountain) I have a fireplace which is seldom being used as we have centralized heating. As I understand West is of Metal Element and is also related to vehicles, machineries and appliances, and should not use fire to melt, am I right?

Since you seldom use it, just treat it as a decoration ornament in your home. Actually, you don't have to take everything so literally. Not sure if you have read some portion of the messages which I had written regarding the Five Element.

You see although it is said that Fire destroy Metal. But then in real life every object has some elements of Fire and even Metal. So a little of each does not really matter. For example take your body as an example, if you have too much salt and sugar, your body will not like it right? But if you have too little salt and sugar, your body will also not take it. So it goes the same for the Five Elements.

Everything is there for some purpose. If you say there is too much fire, then have some water element nearby to control it. Or increase the Metal by having more Metal element objects.

What if you completely do not have Fire? Then who will assist Earth to grow as Fire produces Earth? So you can see, sometimes you don't have to be so worried about this. More importantly is to strike an acceptable balance. Which is what Feng Shui is all about.

Robert Lee
Center for Feng Shui Research
February 1999



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