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Case Study: House influenced by Feng Shui (Yang Zhai Shi Shu)

In the early nineteen  fifties my grand parents moved into this bungalow house in the  eastern part of Singapore:-

This is one layout plan  of a typical bungalow built in the nineteen fifties. Notice that the  head (or front of the house) is shaped like the Ba Gua? 


This is a picture of the same house taken directly in front.


1. You will notice that  the main entrance of the house is hidden and you have to walk up the stairs.

2. Here, you will notice that the main entrance of the house is " well protected ". The main entrance door is never exposed to any direct sha or poison arrows.

3. From the above  picture, you will notice that even the drive-way is not directly  `aimed' towards the passage way leading to the main door entrance.

A closer view of the front of the house. My grandfather and a group of friends posing for a shot.

This view clearly shows the main entrance of the house. (On the far left of the picture). 


This is close-up view of the passage way leading to the main entrance door.




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A Big , Big Thank You of a Success Story Cecil Lee Cecil Lee - Feng Shui at Geomancy.NetDear Cecil

" I contacted Robert and you initially in November last year, having gone through an 18month period of never ending bad luck. I also had an arm injury, which would not heal after a year. Absolutely nothing would go right for me, not even the simplest most trivial thing. I then found that finances were a problem. As recommended I completed a Flying Star report, and a Pillars of Destiny Report, and followed all the recommendation and cures. I also received allot of advice from your Free Advise service, and read all the previous messages for tips. I am delighted to report that the string of bad luck has now been broken, and I have gone back to normal, which is brilliant. I canít thank you both enough. Finances are also satisfactory, so I can now work hard and strive to achieve greater things. I will always remember your kindness, it was most encouraging. I will try to use your example, and help other people when they are in need and maybe I can do something to help. Many thanks. "

Liz Cooper