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Significance of Position of Mole on a Person's Face


1 to 3 Will not obey or be in harmony with his parents, manager, elders and anyone in authority.  

Will be difficult to live with and he never thinks.   

Will not be successful financially because he is burdened by poor behaviour or errors made by his parents.   

6 Is smart and artistic, which brings wealth. Is also lucky with money.   

Never be happy because of frequent quarrels within family and has bad luck with money.   

8 Have serious financial and sexual problems.   

Have sexual problems and sudden serious financial problems.   

10 Will not have many sons or sons-in-law.   

11 Always falling sick.  

12 If he drinks or feasts, disaster and misfortune will befall him. 


13 Frequent worries about his children and will not be welcomed by the family.   

14 Will die from eating poisoned food.  

15 Constantly on the move and his income will not be same but fluctuate.   

16 Will have problems caused by sex, drinking and feasting.  

17 Will lose his good name.   

18 Must take care when travelling overseas.  

19 Is a flighty gentleman.   

20 Most of his life will be spent in prison. His life span is short.  

21 Will have trouble with his legs and must becareful of drowning.  

22 Will encounter various disasters while travelling.  

23 Is both noble and well educated. Very good.

Source: The Chinese Almanac or `T'ung Shu' which is one of the oldest books. Written over 4,000 years ago. 




Users Comments are indeed a very generous person Cecil Lee Cecil Lee - Feng Shui at Geomancy.NetDear Master Cecil

First and foremost, after reading your advise on doing a search on the forum to my questions, I feel that you are indeed a very generous person. Who on earth will give out their valuable knowledge to others without taken a single penny. I did a search on crystals and changing of house period and found out that in your forum/reply, you went into very detailed reply with no cost (except for the internet bills).

Once again...thank you.

My doubts are cleared.

Janice Wong Wai Yee
20 March 2004

Dear Robert,

Thank you for the reply. I had sent a short thank you to Master Cecil's response to my question on the forum.

I think you (both) are doing a great job. Your pride and enjoyment in doing your work shows through on the great website you have built. I know the hard work you have put in, also conducting my business and interest through a website.

Best regards,
Keith Orlando
United Kingdom
30 April 2004