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The Gardens at Bishan, Singapore

A Feng Shui Friendly Condominium
by Cecil Lee, Centre for Applied Feng Shui Research,
15 September 2000

1. Good Site Layout



The 4 blocks: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.
Reminds me of Vivaldi's popular classical baroque music: The Four Seasons. This soothing music is said to bring one's heart beat down to 70 beats per second.

2. Applied Shapes and Form Feng Shui in action





3. High Ground behind the development



4. Semi-circular Water Feature



5. Dragon Qi is not trapped



6. View from the Showroom facing the neighbourhood



Overall, I have a good feeling of this development as it has excellent Shapes and Form Feng Shui.


by Cecil Lee
Center for Feng Shui Research

This research is done by Geomancy.Net - Centre for Applied Feng Shui Research, It does not represent the views of MyHome and the developer.




Users Comments
....satisfied Home Audit client.... Cecil Lee Cecil Lee - Feng Shui at Geomancy.NetHi Cecil

Thank you very much for your prompt response and good service.

I have all the information I required. Everything is stated very clearly and precisely.

I will share this information with my designer for him to start on the design work for the house renovation.

Thanks again.

18 September 2002

Dear Sir,

I am impressed by your Ba Zi and name selection service which you have provided for my newborn son.

I am very keen to subscribe to your above service.

I understand you used to have an option for unlimited aftersales support which is not available now at your website.

Tan PK
9 November 2003