Home Feng Shui Consultation

Home Consultation

Our Comprehensive Onsite & Offsite Feng Shui Consultation Service for Singapore & International Clients

House Hunting - Can or Cannot House Service

House Hunting

Our House Hunting Can or Cannot Buy Review can help you find the most suitable home for you and your family

Ba Zi Life Reading for Health, Wealth, Career, Business, Romance & Happiness

Ba Zi Analysis

Our Comprehensive Ba Zi Life Reading Service for Health, Wealth, Career, Business, Romance & Happiness.

Auspicious Dates

Our Selection of Auspicious Date for Initial Opening of Door, Move-In Dates, ROM & Wedding Date, and Any Important Occasion

Caesarean/Caesarian Dates

Our Selection of Caesarean/Caesarian Delivery Date will select the best date that will give your baby the best ba zi luck for his/her future

Chinese Name Analysis

Our Chinese Name Service can help check your Existing Name, Change Name and Selection of Newborn Baby Chinese Name

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