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Off-site Local & International House Hunting / Can or Cannot Buy: Eyeing a few homes - Which home is better for me?

Cecil Lee









Fees: 1 home is = SGD $188/-. 2 homes = SGD $288/-. Maximum is 3 homes = SGD $356/-. 
[Terms: This is a Pay-Per-Use service. Pay only for what you want reviewed today. No carry forward of unused credits.

Not allowed to be mixed with Package B.]

PACKAGE A Sample Report(s):
(Click to Enlarge Images)


[Please scroll down this thread for additional examples of Case Studies 1 to 10.]





By Ranking requires at least two units of Re-sale/balance of flats for review.

What is the Focus & Advantage of this Package?

Covers as many units + Easier on your pocket + Quick-Fast Results!  
99% completed within 24 hours.[But Committed is still 48 hours]

Also Expertly Review by Master Cecil Lee with your birth dates.
Just that no workings, comments or justifications on rankings will be provided for this service. Thanks!
Fees @ SGD $58 Per Unit. No Limit. But recommended no more than 8 Units per review.

*PACKAGE B Sample Report:


 *Note: If you want more details BY ALL MEANS, Please select Package A instead. Else this is the EXACT report provided under this Package B.


What Others Say About Us

" As much as we see, Geomancy.net has great web presence built up over the years and is seen as one of the SG market leaders in residential house audit. "


Success starts with good Feng Shui


 WHATSAPPx.gif.933b1f171b62310142ae17b5501fc685.gif Cecil Lee, +65 9785-3171 / support@geomancy.net



What is needed?

1. All family member's Name / Gender / Western Date n Time of Birth (if Lunar must clearly as such) Name western is fine as this is for Feng Shui not name analysis.

2. Confirm breadwinner: usually the male breadwinner

3. Layout plan. For newer condos site plan is readily available. As need to check on compass direction.

4. WhatsApp or 

If via Email to: support@geomancy.net
Let me know once u emailed so that I can monitor it.
Thank You.
謝謝 Cecil Lee, Geomancy.net

And Time of birth can be given between:
1 to 2.59; am or pm
3 to 4.59; am or pm
5 to 6.59; am or pm
7 to 8.59; am or pm
9 to 10.59 am or pm

For example:-
Cannot be between 2pm to 5pm thus should be either:-

[   ] 1pm to 2.59pm or
[   ] 3pm to 4.59pm


How to prepare the layout resource for the review?


Recommended Comments

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    Under Package 1: Additional Information for International Clients   

Fees for International is in USD $:

What information is required for International Can or Cannot Buy Service:



1. What is Quantum Leap in Feng Shui? How I wish I also can find a home with Quantum Leap!

Other Related Service:

On-site Can or Cannot Buy a Re-sale Home:-


Success starts with good Feng Shui


 WHATSAPPx.gif.933b1f171b62310142ae17b5501fc685.gif Cecil Lee, +65 9785-3171 / support@geomancy.net

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Case Study 1: Sample Off-site Can or Cannot Buy review of a potential three potential units in a Condo

1. This is roughly what you will get for the review.

2. Please understand that no two reviews are the same. Thus your report may sometimes differ from this.

3. What is most importantly your review will always be done with passion & contain comments to enable you to make an informed choice! 



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Case Study 2: Who says Can or Cannot Buy Reviews are only restricted to ECs or Condos. This one is a review of two stacks/units at a HDB balance of flats potential purchase.

1. No two reviews are identical. Thus no two comments are often the same.

2. Can or cannot buy reviews are tedious but always done with Passion!



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Case Study 3A: The review found that the unit is very unsuitable fit to the potential buyers: Mr and Mrs ABC


Case Study 3B: Review of two units in separate developments. For one of the units, the caution is health concerns for the lady of the house in the master bedroom.

Extract: image.thumb.png.c4922c075483ed874d7ca2c331239af9.png


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Case Study 4: Advised client not to purchase this unit as there is a "Fatal error" in this unit at Vue 8, Pasir Ris, where the kitchen, one of the main considerations is inauspicious

The analysis revealed a flaw in this unit at the kitchen


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Case Study 6: A detailed review of two apartments for compatibility as well as a host of other considerations. 

Such detailed reviews takes me at least three hours or more to prepare, study and comment on.


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Case Study 7: Another comprehensive review of a Can or Cannot Buy stack/unit at Florence Residences

1. Sometimes, if there is only one stack/unit reviewed; one cannot say for sure whether the next stack/unit is better or worse than this stack/unit.

2. Thus, one has to be realistic and say whether it is Okay to buy or not. As it is not a clear-cut case to reject the purchase.

3. For example under above Case Study 5, the stack/unit at Vue 8 is confirmed not recommended to purchase.


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Case Study 8: Sharing additional examples of Can or Cannot buy under this link:-

If you still have the patience, do check out this link...


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As much as we see, Geomancy.net has great web presence built up over the years and is seen as one of the SG market leaders in residential house audit.


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Review of existing home or Can or cannot buy another home? Which is better?

I am feel blessed that god placed you in my path at exactly  the perfect time


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A past Can or Cannot buy review of a unit in Sorrento...

External Feng Shui is always looked into, also.

(Purposely blurred for confidentiality of specific information)


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Case Study: Identifying Health Issues early in the Master Bedroom (If any)

1. In this illustration: #5 = misfortune with #2 sickness affects the health of women.

2. This issue was identified and this flaw can be discussed with the client as one of the considerations to take note of should they still want to go through with the purchase of this unit.


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