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  1. Saw this article recently. Are there really condos without kitchen/kitchenette at all? Anybody seen such projects before?
  2. Dear Master, just curious, comparing the door beside rubbish chute and the other opposite rubbish chute, which one is worse?
  3. FULLY SOLD. THANK YOU. New Launch coming soon...
  4. http://www.mysgprop.com/tre-residences-aljunied/ This project is sold out.
  5. Wah, really bad, flat walls better.
  6. With BB Le Quest going 1200+ psf, Punggol Watertown no longer look overpriced nowadays...
  7. Yes, quite fast, about 2-3 years since construction began. Heard Punggol Watertown been building for 6 years yet haven't TOP...
  8. Came across this site, it's close to 90% sold now: http://www.simsurbanoasiscondominium.com/
  9. Maybe that's why it's positioned as a Mixed Development with Supermarket, Food Court and Childcare below it. Without these it would have been much harder to sell, due to the lack of amenities nearby. The Supermarket and Food court may also help spruce up the area a bit more. Speaking of Paya Lebar Airbase, with its eventual movement, the properties nearby it will finally be relieved of the noise all these years.... Boom time ahead?
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