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Use of vowels to balance a name

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Dear Anon,
In the traditional practice, Five Element has been tagged to only CHINESE CHARACTERS.
Thus it has been officially used for Chinese names only.
However, in recent years, some modern Feng Shui Practitioner has tried to employ these techniques in English Names. I believe I had also come across reading about this. And even some had converted some English names with Five Elements subsitutes.
Well, it is difficult to comment on something which has not be tried or tested or has any traditional implementation techniques.
So it may or may not work. But so long as whoever came up with this theory has sufficient understanding of the Five Element and applies them properly. Yes, it is possible to do so.
Only question you want to ask now is how true or accurate is it for the time being? No one really can say as it is not one of the traditional tried and tested formulas.
Warmest Regards
Robert Lee

On 12/19/99 3:10:35 PM, Anonymous wrote:
Dear cecil,
I read somewhere that one can
use a vowel to balance a
missing a element. for example
Wood is I
Fire is A
Earth is E
Metal is U
Water is O.
And they should be used in
producing cycle. Is this true.

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