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Cecil Lee

Why is it that some geomancers recommend that you use their recommended Interior Designer (ID)?

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1. Why is it that some geomancers recommend that you use their recommended Interior Designer (ID)? And why you do not do so?

2. Reply: We have to ask ourselves is there any motive to this?

3. On the contrary, Geomancy.net will never ever tie up with any Interior decorators or contractors for three main reasons:

3.1. For the simple reason that this is a conflict of interests. Even if the geomancer does not get a commission or "cut"; we never know whether there is any bias or ulterior motive from the geomancer's advice?

3.2. "One man's meat is another man's poison!" I may like this individual of the Interior Design company very much. But you may not like the person. Or for larger firms, there are many staffs. You may not even get the recommended individual ID. but another staff attending to you.

3.3.  Business cycle and cash flow: We have seen many times that if one is unlucky.. for many years.. a particular ID company may even have rave reviews.. but one can never know that it MAY also suddenly close down. Or being too popular.. result in delays and poor service!

3.4. Thus CAVEAT EMPTOR or Let the buyer beware, best!

3.5. Always choose some one whom you are comfortable with and can really help you or can mostly see "eye-to-eye" with your aspirations for your new home! 

4. After our Feng Shui discussion, one can even provide the guidelines e.g. Option 1 to your ID for them to work on it. See sample attachments.

5. The main reason why Geomancy.net does not recommend any ID is simply because you are free to choose someone you are comfortable to work with.

5.1. In addition, you have the power to decide and be 100 percent sure that there are no hidden motives such as additional work needed that may jack up your renovation costs.

5.2. Many businesses have their ups and downs. Thus, even if an ID had sterling review previously; but somehow, when you engage them; you may not get the same level of satisfaction.

5.2.1 This is because, sometimes, be honest but one never know whether this ID has any financial difficulties such as huge bad debts owned to them or poor business or cash flow problems.

6. Therefore, do question if a Geomancer asks you to use one of their recommended ID's. Maybe also there are some "kick-backs".

6.1. For example, not too long ago; we employed a personal tour guide in Beijing. And each time, he would bring us to a specific place.

6.2. For example a restaurant. And after we had paid our meal; he would somehow "disappear" for a short-while. We then realised that he gets a commission from the restaurant. Base on how much we $$$ spent there. He tried to bring us to various shops. But we were aware of his antics!

7. My personal experience is; to see if the ID see-eye-to eye your vision for the new home-:)


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Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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