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David Huang

Main door facing neighbour's main door

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Dear Master Cecil,

I apologise if it is doubled. There is trouble in opening my post. But I have to repeat all over again.

1. My main door is facing directly with my neighbour. Somehow we do not have good relation each other. Should I put convex or concave mirror? The plus point is my neighbour in slightly better financially compare with me. The minus point are some poisons arrows too from other houses and this direct neighbour also has large convex mirror just right behind the main door but outsider can see clearly, worse they open the door most of the time. 

2. I have placed 2 windchimes but less effect though. If I have put the mirror, do I need to put away those windchimes? Must I put the mirror above the door since there is no place anymore. The only possible place is a 3 metres away to the front, there is a open space wall above ( this wall is under the balcony upstair ).

Thank you for solving my problem. Warm regards.

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1. A conCave mirror is meant to "suck" wealth. Hopefully the neighbour is aware of this but avoid doing so. 

1.1 But obviously, they know a thing or two.

1.2 On the contrary the conVex mirror is to deflect Sha Qi or poison arrows.

2. Traditionally, a 6 hollow wind chime symbolises "strong metal" is usually place (quite similar to) Para 1.2 to deflect poison arrows.

3. Often to counter is to use a simple conVex mirror; without all the Ba gua trigram markings.

4. To counter: conVex against conCave and/or vice versa.

5. A simple red plastic bordered conVex mirror is often considered the preferred option.

6. If neighbour is willing to remove the mirror; that is the best. But looking at your situation; may not seem hopeful at all.

Photo shows a plain or simple conCave mirror. Size is around three inches in diameter.


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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7 hours ago, Cecil Lee said:

One can use the search feature in this forum. For eg. " Ba Gua" mirror and there are around 200 plus pages in this subject.

Using the above search function:


It's a bit late. I've installed convex mirror since you advised me that I shouldn't suck wealth so I concluded that I rather bought convex. I just realized upon reading 'types of ba gua mirror ' that installing convex I lose some good chi too. Is it major kinda lose or what since my financial is experiencing uncertainity this year? Installing convex will I even get worse financially later on? Frankly, I guess my neighbour mirror is convex as objects will look smaller through it. It's size Even doubled than mine but half of its size is covered by the door as the mirror located behind the door. Thank you, Master Cecil for your kind advice. 

The first picture is my neighbour's house while the other is mine. 






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These are some considerations:

1. When a convex meets a concave; this is suppose to be a no-one gain situation.

2. The good thing is that it does not matter how big one's mirror is; if the size of the smaller one is already 3"inches.

3. It is considered not wise to place a concave facing a concave mirror.

4. Thus, it is considered the right thing to use a Yang = conVEX mirror against a YIN = conCAVE mirror. This is suppose to neutralise each other.

5. But do remember to remove your conVEX mirror; once the conCAVE one is taken down by your neighbour.


Based on the photo provided, there is a palm leaf and christmas tree blocking neighbour's supposely conCAVE mirror. If so, it does not look like the neighbour's concave mirror currently is facing your main door. Thus, this should be considered, before you even place the mirror.

The only reason why you should place a convex mirror are these "spikes" as highlighed in red.58f37ab172057_poisonarrow.jpg.837b9a29c64928dcb6e61bab6025e60a.jpg

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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