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How to Apply Sleeping and Work Positions

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I need help in how to apply different lucky positions like sleeping and work positions. I tried your free reports and I am not sure how to apply them. In my Sleeping position report for example, it says there that my best sleeping position is at the North direction. It has an illustration so it is easy to follow. What I do not know is which direction to follow: the bagua map of our house or should I use a physical (magnetic) compass? It would be different if I follow both, right? Thank you for your help!

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Who sleeps where:-

This is a sample real life extract of a former case. I have changed the clients real names to Mr, Mrs, son etc...

This is Option 2:-

In this example the MR is more suitable to NE sector. And the qi coming into the windows is from NE. Thus it is preferred that he sleeps closer to the window or NE = his Prosperity sector.

As such he shields his wife MRS whose NE = death sector.

Mrs instead sleep closer to the East sector which is her longevity sector:-



This is the original Option 1. Same thing.. MR sleep closer to the NE cardinal point. And at NE Mr = his prosperity sector:-


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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#11 Re: looking for a price on my condo placement

Hello Cecil:

I have been with your geomancy.net some time in 1998 I'm thinking.  I been interested in feng shui and since then a divorce but have two professional children and that is the best!  I moved going in 1 year in June, trying to downsized and moved into a basement less,  condo that attaches a total of 4 per unit.  

I would like to see what you can do for me in the master bedroom ,  (for enhancing romance and finding a partner).  also to tell me what kind of cures there is for interior homes with arches, throughout each room.

I need to get a price regarding this so I can move forward in my life.



Reply: Firstly, thank you for visiting us since day 1.

Glad that you are very proud of your two professional children! This is always a mother's wish come true.

Frankly, a bedroom is small and and as i had mentioned in the forum thread that you had posted earlier that  it also takes into consideration where the bedroom door, windows and attached toilet (if any).

And bedroom even if Feng Shui is applied has very small effect on one's luck. Thus, generally, when one enters a bedroom, one would have most likely imagined where the bed is suppose to be. Common sense keeping the bedroom airy and tidy is another plus.

Thus, few if any do a detailed Feng Shui audit just on the bedroom settings itself.

Hope this helps.



Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Case Study: Proposed who sleeps where in the master bedroom is not an accident + the application of the Eight House Concept...


If you had seen and understood the earlier example, you should be able to comprehend why I placed who sleeps where: Mr close to the bedroom door/toilet door vs Mrs sleeping closer to the windows..


(Below) Option 2: Alternative bed-head direction + who sleeps where...

Case Study Sample Feng Shui Audit 1_2.png

(Below) Applying Ba Zi Feng Shui...

Case Study Sample Feng Shui Audit 1_3.png

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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