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What element is the color metalic silver (ie: the color of a car)?

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A. In my opinion, this is based on perception!

The key essence I believe is that it really:
1. It looks shiny
2. Silver on a shiny surface looks "metallic"

Then of course, if we were to seek opinion; from not only just myself; but be it your friends or on the collective whole... I believe that many will echo that to them is metallic thus? METAL element.

Frankly, there may be others who say that silver looks greyish. Thus to this group, perhaps they argue that because it looks greyish. To them it belongs to the WATER element.

For a fridge: many fridge are spray painted silver + a glossy look.

Thus, one can use this argument:  Silver paint + GLOSS finsh and go for this argument. BUT, it is no point convincing those who have made up their mind and say otherwise. Thus even if "a person were to argue until the cows come home" how to convince some or any at all.

It is just like GOLD. If one were to use curtains and some curtains may not be shiny.. instead of saying that GOLD = Metal.

Some will argue that the curtain looks YELLOWISH. Thus to them Yellow = Earth Element.


Let's say if one is half-hearted and sitting on a fence.

Can't I say this:

"Frankly, what is wrong if I argue that the car's paint belongs to a combination of METAL-WATER element?"

C. For example in the Science and art of Strategic Management: And looking into works by Michael Porter of Harvard etc...

There is such a thing as:

1. The Industry one is in.
2. My job specification in this industry.

Thus if I work for BMW; and the car industry is in the manufacture of cars. This car manufacture core business is METAL element.

And if I work as a Public Relations Manager in BMW: my core job specifications is considered as Fire element.

Can you fault me if I say that my job has to do with METAL-Fire element?

In Ba Zi: we have:
1. Career related to WEALTH
2. Career related to POWER and Authority
3. Carrers that are suitable but not fantastic.

Can't I be in a career with WEALTH. And my wealth element is Fire?
And even better! If the industry I am in is my POWER and AUTHORITY? = METAL?





Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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