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Cecil Lee

Case Study & the Key Considerations of P9 S1 facing home

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1. South [Frontage has the auspicious double #9's]

1.1. South or Frontage has the double auspicious #9's current prosperity wealth stars.

1.2. Good if there is real water such as a swimming pool or pond if this is a condo / EC.

1.3. May consider a water position in the living room or balcony to activate the the double #9's.

2. SE vs SW

2.1. Unfortunately, SE has the nasty #5 misfortune sickness star. While SW has a lesser #2 sickness partially reduced by #7 = weak metal element.

2.2. As one spends substantial time in a bedroom, the choice to have the bedroom at SW. While the SE being the living room area. (Need to balance both sectors).


3.1. Mountain star #5 misfortune/sickness at the centre-point of the unit. 

3.2. Thus, good if this #5 is locked up e.g. in a household shelter or at least at the passageway leading into the bedroom.

3.3. Avoid a unit with open space at the centre of the unit.


4.1. Okay for the rear of the unit to have a Mountain star #1 = coming prosperity wealth star.

5. NE

5.1 A water star #1 = coming prosperity located at NE.

5.2. Good if this is a bedroom or living or dining room or clear-space area.

6. NE, EAST & NW

6.1. If bedroom(s) are located in any of these sectors, need to balance these.

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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