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Case Study: Flying Star Feng Shui & the Key Considerations of Period 9 E2-3 facing home

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Part 2 - Case Study & the Key Considerations of P9 E2-3 facing home


1. East [Frontage has the auspicious double #9's]

1.1. Frontage has the double auspicious #9 wealth stars. 

1.2. Good if the unit is facing a real water position such as a swimming pool or a reflecting pool or eco-water garden. If this is a condo /EC.

1.3. If no real water and if there is a balcony, one can consider having a water feature to active this auspicious wealth stars.

2. NE vs SE

2.1. Often either the Living Room or Bedroom is at NE or SE and vice-versa.

2.2. As NE has the nasty Mountain Star #5 = Misfortune/sickness inauspicious stars. Best that it is not in an enclosed a Master bedroom or bedroom. If so, select a unit with the Master bedroom instead at SE.

2.3. SE sector has a Mountain Star #1 representing coming prosperity. And it is good if the Master bedroom is located with a good star.

2.4. SE sector is good for an East group person. Even if NE is favourable for a West group person, it is still better for the Master bedroom to be located at SE = better choice in this case.


3.1. The centre has #2 = sickness. Fortunately #7 although a bad star itself; but being a weak metal element; it helps to lessen #2 sickness (weak earth element). A good combination. 

3.2. Preference if this is the passageway leading into the bedroom or an enclosed area.

3.3. But if this area is open space, still sustainable due to Para 3.1. above.

4. SW

4.1. Water star #1 is the coming prosperity wealth star. Not perfect given that for many flats this is either the Service Yard, Kitchen or Air-con Ledge or missing corner. Will not adversely after the Flying Stars. Given that #1 is the future prosperity wealth luck star.

5. NW & SW

5.1. #3 represents Quarrels, conflicts and legal entanglements.

5.2. Good if NW &/or SW is either the dining area, kitchen, toilet(s). 

5.3. If NW or SW is a bedroom. Need to balance these two rooms.

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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