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Case Study: Flying Star Feng Shui & the Key Considerations of Period 9 N1 facing home

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Part 2 - Case Study & the Key Considerations of a N1 P9 facing home

N1 P9.png

1. North

1.1. Frontage of this home: For flats usually standing inside the living room looking outwards.

1.2. #1 represents the coming prosperity (2044 to 2063) Water wealth star.

1.3 Even if this is the coming prosperity: it is still favourable to have this #1 at the frontage.  While #8 represents Past prosperity (2004 to 2023)

1.4. As #1 is the Water star, good that this home (if a condo or EC) has the advantage of facing REAL water.

1.5. If frontage has no real water, perhaps consider a water feature especially (it there is a balcony) for this home.

2. South

2.1. Where is the Current Prosperity Wealth Luck for such a home?

2.2. Often for majority of most homes: if the facing direction of a home is North, most likely the kitchen or the service yard is at South sector.

2.3 If so, the double auspicious #9’s representing current prosperity are wasted at the “rear” of the home.

3. N1 vs S1 Flying Star chart: In general S1 is better!

An S1 chart is a flip of an N1 chart. Here, the facing direction S1 has the double auspicious current prosperity #9's:-


3.1. Thus one consideration especially for an East Group person (North, South, East or SE) is to consider a S1 facing instead of a N1 unit. On the assumption that this development has a choice of between a N1 or S1 facing stacks/units.

3.2. Please note that do not always choose S1 as there are also other facings with favourable luck.

3.3. Why choose S1 vs N1? For a S1 facing, often the good thing is that the double auspicious #9’s is often now at the frontage and not wasted at the rear of the unit. However, for an S1 usually in many cases the kitchen may either be at NE or NW sector. 

3.4. The main caution for a S1 facing is: if possible to avoid a kitchen at NW = inauspicious Fire at Heaven's gate

3.5. Why some homes are badly affected by Fire at Heaven's gate?Case study on this can be found under this link:- 

4. Centrepoint of the home

4.1. As the centre has a #5 = misfortune / sickness: it is good if this is "locked" up.

4.2. Here, it is good that the centre has a store-room or narrow confines of the corridor leading towards the bedrooms or just outside the common toilet. It is still not ideal for the centre to have a stove, sink or WC.

4.3. Thus if possible avoid a home with open space at the centre area.

4.4. Traditionally, some practitioners recommend hanging a wind-chime, here. Frankly, this is not necessary if Para 3.2. above is met.

5. NE vs NW

5.1. Favourable if a bedroom or bedrooms are located in this sector. As there is an auspicious coming prosperity Mountain Star #1 in this sector.

5.2. Often,  for this facing: either the living room or master bedroom is at NE or NW sector. Both sectors favour a West Group Person. 

5.3. As we usually spent more time in a bedroom, it is thus preferred that the bedroom is at NE. As NW sector has #3 represents quarrels, conflicts and legal entanglements. (To disarm this in the living room using the fire element.)

6. SE

6.1.  Mountain Star #9 = misfortune/sickness is at SE. Thus, it would be nice that this is not a bedroom. Although a study (not perfect) is better than a bedroom, here. Good if this is the Master Toilet or often a missing corner or Air-con ledge.

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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  • Staff
4 hours ago, Guest Grace said:

Is it ok for the center to be a courtyard in this case? 

Feng Shui is not one size fits all. 

It involves:-
Location, location and location, review the location. For example in the top left chart; the Flying Stars Period and specific Flying Stars + the main breadwinner's information.



Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Dear Shifu,

Considering to purchase a dual key unit and will be renting out the studio section in yellow.

When plotting, may I please check if I should use both green + yellow areas or just the green square which my family is staying in?

Thanks for your time.


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  • Staff

In theory, one can still consider the green area.

However, when applying Flying Star Feng Shui one should take extra care in cures and/or enhancements than one would for a normal chart.

This often calls for a “better” judgement or leave this to a more experienced person.

For the less experienced, can consider drawing two charts and look closely at them before applying Feng Shui cures or enhancements if any.

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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