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Symbol of pride and ego


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Dear Anon,
Off-hand, this is just a recollection of what I read. So do not take this as reference but just comments.
In the past, the Chinese were conquered by the Mongolians or Manchus. Naturally, they were asked to cut away their `pride' which was their pony tails.
I believe the pony tails as you mentioned was their `pride and ego' of being a Chinese.
But again, the conquerors of China, the Manchus were not happy and thus forced these Chinese to cut away their pony tails.
I believe, some Chinese skilled in Kung Fu had used their hair for self-defence e.g. as a weapon just like a knife. Pony tails can inflict a wound just like a whip.
This last part is what I have seen in the movies or on TV kung fu shows so, do not take me too seriously. Although, it sounds believable rite?
Warmest Regards,

On 1/15/00 4:40:31 AM, Anonymous wrote:
Dear cecil,
I read somewhere that in older
days chinese people gave lot
of importance to hair and as
result in 1644-1645 many lost
their lives since they refuse
to cut their hairs. Thanks.

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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