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Cecil Lee

Grow Health, Wealth & Happiness with the 12 Habits of Feng Shui (C) Geomancy.net

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1. I came up with these best practises (useful tools) to help further advance the field of traditional authentic Feng Shui.

2. These 12 Habits (or 12 Key Success Factors) are based on personal experience, observations as well as incorporating concepts from various fields + constantly applying them every day.  So can you.

3. For example: Triage, a French word that comes from the medical field to decide the order of treatment of (patients or casualties) especially in an A & E.

4. It Depends!  Adapted from the field of Management where no two situations are the same.

5. Customer Service Engineer (CSE) Concept? My personal observation of how an IBM CSE trouble-shoot a problematic ATM's intermittent communication problem with the host server.

6. And lots more concepts also fine-tuned by me.

7. Thus, if one has the time can explore each of these concepts to help to both understand, trouble-shoot and enhance the world of Feng Shui.

[1.] ONE: Feng Shui Triage

God: “Hey! I manage your souls, not your physical body! Go see a doctor instead, please!”

The Feng Shui Triage

1991357489_FENGSHUITRIAGE.png.049678323d1890c3c678dfd8724e0cfe.png1. Doctors may need to examine a sick patient and conduct some tests. And only after the test findings can the doctor, understand your health problem(s).

2. With Feng Shui is the same thing. Even a Feng Shui practitioner needs to gather as much facts and even chart out the "birth-chart" of a home to understand better the situation, before they can "prescribe" cures or enhancements for a home.

3. Thus many good Feng Shui practitioners doing professional audits would:-

4. 1st Visit to clients home or office: Use their Luo Pan (compass) and scan the external and internal environments.

4.1. And get a copy of the layout plan and all relevant personal particulars of the family.

4.2. The Feng Shui practitioner, will go back and study, and propose recommendations.

4.3. Usually, the practitioner would draft out a detailed report with recommendations.

4.4. 2nd Visit: Usually the 2nd visit is conducted a week later, after the practitioner has gone thru his findings, analysis and recommendations.

4.5. He will then go thru his findings and recommendations during this 2nd Visit.

4.6.  Contrary to popular belief, a proper professional authentic Feng Shui audit takes much effort and is not a random decision making.

4.7. And the practioner relies on tools like the Flying Star Feng Shui etc....

4.8. This barging into a doctors office demanding an explanation, even before the doctor examines the patient is more TRUE!

The Barber and the Dentist

400px-Trial-n-error-Feng-Shui.png.cb9ccc0a794b667de38bdd15cf3e7f56.png1. In the past many people with toothache, approach their barber to have their tooth pulled.

1.1. That is why, the additional "RED" stripe on the barber pole represents "blood".

2. Nowadays, who do we visit when we have tooth problems (tooth decay, tooth ache etc.?)

3. Here, approaching a barber for our tooth woes is equivalent of practising "Trial and Error" Feng Shui.

4. Today, when we have tooth problem, the dentist would definitely, take an X-ray photo of our mouth. (This X-ray is akin to a Feng Shui practitioner, maping out a home's individual sector charts.)

5. Can you draw a parallel between then (the barber cum dentist) and a modern day dentist from this illustration?

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI Scan) Vs An X-Ray

MRI-1.thumb.png.5085b9379e5da49557cda8dbe7243d13.png1. Unlike x-rays and computed tomographic (CT) scans, which use radiation, MRI uses powerful magnets and radio waves.

2. An X-Ray, although is helpful, but it is a pure 2-D flat image. And often, difficult to see body tissues.

2.1 More helpful at looking at bone structures. Even lung X-Rays, can only show a hazy or cloudy image e.g. of a person with TB.

3. Here, the modern MRI machines are in colour, and can map out any parts of the human tissue, in three-dimension.

4. A doctor or trained technician can even "slice" off any part of the body to view cancerous growth etc...

MRI-2.thumb.png.663a0e869796febd6fcf10b21ce49871.png5. Thus, the question asked is : Given the choice, do you want to rely on the equivalent of Trial and Error Feng Shui: the result is often 50-50 right or wrong (the X-ray) or the MRI (a full picture - equivalent of the Flying Star mapping of say a home).

6. The saying goes, if you pay "peanuts, you get peanuts".

6.1. The poor will always be poorer because they go for cheap things.

6.2. Or want everything that is cheap but not necessarily good! Think about it!

In-car Entertainment system (I.C.E) Car Installers

1. Sales, services and installation of complete car stereo systems, securities and accessories.

2. In the past, adding or changing in-car radio systems was a breeze.

3. Nowadays, even experienced such car installers would not want to touch especially a BMW!

3.1 As they are worried that tapping the wrong wires may even explode the various air-bags.

4. Worse! Normal installers don't have the hardware/software to activate on/off a feature!

4.1 For example, if we were to fit a bluetooth or additional factory approved car alarm for a BMW, you still need to go to an authorised workshop with the necessary software to "turn" on that feature - thru the software.

5. Things have changed.

5.1 In the past, without additional professional tools like "Flying star", statistically, all decisons are "trial and error" 50-50 percent right or wrong some of the time.

5.2 And today, there are so many readily available info on many of the Feng Shui tools etc...

The Automobile Association (The British RAC, The American AAA)

1. Many years back when vehicles (cars) were not so sophisticated, many experienced Automobile Association (AA) vehicle break-down technicians could most likely, help to "revive" a vehicle, especially if the vehicle had battery problem, alternator and even fuel (pump) and many other common faults.

2. Today, most likely if we were to call the AA for breakdown assistance, other than battery problems, their technicians would tell you... "we will arrange to tow your vehicle to any workshop that you specify!" So far, only one country I know: Germany does have a great on-site vehicle break-down service support for their autoban.

3. Here, again, opening the bonnet of a car, does not guarantee one that the car can be repaired! As nowadays, the fuel system is not so simple, some with sophisticated injection system, and others like flywheel sensors and other systems.

4. Times have changed! Thus, maybe, if one asked a question like: "is the water feature suitable for my marriage?" 20 years ago, the Geomancer will tell you (depending on a 50-50 chance), he will say, yes or no! And then cross-his fingers.

5. Today is different! For those who are ignorant of readily available tools that can most likely give more information, much like the revised software diagnostic tools, then we should be using it. The cave-man approach is "this Flying Star" is greek or latin to me! Again, too-bad!

6. In-car Entertainment system (I.C.E) Car Installers

6.1. Sales, services and installation of complete car stereo systems, securities and accessories.

6.2. In the past, adding or changing in-car radio systems was a breeze. 

Too Little Information to Work On

1. A person with Gua (Kua) 4 is considered as belonging to the East Group.

2. "What remedies, do you want?"

2.1. Your question is like: "Running into an A & E without queueing; runs into the doctors room and ask this silly question: What is wrong with me?"

2.2. The Doctor MAY simply tell you: "Get out! And go thru the Triage!, FIRST!. The purpose of the Triage is to do "trouble-shooting". Without trouble shooting, how the hell can we know what is the issues or problems?

A Triage is recommended, here:


One brother is named TRIAGE.
Another brother is named CURE.


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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[2.] TWO: Fix-the-Leaks, First!

1310911404_fixtheleaks1.gif.f4cefd277aa0fe9546ba9efde15852c0.gif1. There are two types of Feng Shui enhancements:

1.1. The first thing everyone's mind is "Where is my wealth position and how to enhance it!"

1.2. Few forget that one must also have to fix imbalances.


2. Many Feng Shui Masters are actually themselves a Feng Shui Emporium.

2.1. Their aim is to feed on one's greed by selling all sorts of commercial products in the name of Feng Shui.

2.2. Their modus operandi is:

Step 1: Identify your wealth spot
Step 2: Have to buy a specific product else won't work
Step 3: Where to buy from? "Me of course"

3. Do remember that it is no point for example painting the whole interior four walls with gold paint. But forgetting that the external may be rotten.

3.1. Again, imagine you have a luxurious boat. You place whatever unimagineable wealth onto it. But if this luxurous boat has hairline cracks. Often, these cracks develop over time and may even sink the boat with all it's treasures and human lives!


3. The idea is to identify and fix the leaks, first.



Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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[3.] THREE: The Concept of Maximising Marks

1. For example: If the exam paper requires that one must answer 4 out of 10 questions within 2 hours.

2. Make sure one tries to answer ALL 4 Questions. And if possible allocate 30 minutes x 4:


3. [Below] This student answered only 3 questions. And did not attempt to answer the 4th question = Fail! 45 out of 100 marks.


4. Feng Shui shares the same technique:

1. In several messages in the forum, I mentioned that we can draw a parallel with Examinations.

2. A smart person taking an examination would try to maximise his/her marks.

2.1 For example, in an essay examination i.e. we are required to answer 4 compulsory questions.

2.2 It is always wise to answer ALL 4 questions. Where each question carries 25 marks out of 100 marks (in total).

2.3 Sometimes answering 3 questions out of 4 compulsory ones may be quite risky if we do not score well in the 3 questions.

3. Drawing a parallel, Feng Shui, Pillars of Destiny etc.. aims to maximise our EARTH LUCK

3.1 Thus, simply trying to "activate" a sector e.g. South-West (assuming that one is lucky to get it correct... not withstanding no knowledge of the Five Elements... well call this luck!)

4. If we use the Flying Star analysis, it has 9 sectors and thus, if we divide 100/9 = 11.1% for each sector.

4.1 Thus even if we `activate' correctly one sector, we only achieve 11% score. We have "failed" the examination!

5. If we apply for example, the Flying Star analysis correctly, we would have achieve at least 6 sectors (or more) x 11.1%.

6. Given that what we are trying to achieve is to increase/maximise our EARTH LUCK we also have to `take other examinations'.

6.1 Thus, for example, in real life, schooling, we need to take several papers and pass them.

7. Again drawing a parallel, the examination looks something like:

Paper 1 : Shapes and Form Feng Shui Paper 2 : Flying Star Paper 3 : Eight House Paper 4 : Pillars of Destiny

7.1 Assuming we do not give weightage to all 4 papers, we must at least, pass all papers in order to " pass " our examinations.

8. Thus, many of us, who assume that paying homage to one sector would later on, find that "Feng Shui" is not working for them.

8.1 If we look at FS in a holistic way, I am not saying that it will be successful for everyone, but, we always try to maximize or `play safe' to achieve a higher rate of success or the probability of success is much better by using tools that, should or could work for many people.

8.2 Thus, I hope you can understand that I am not trying to belittle " Kindergarten " Feng Shui but rather, hope that chances of success is better if proper tools are used to maximize our `marks' just like in an examination.

8.3 This is similar to the concept or idea of not placing all eggs into one basket.

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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[4.] FOUR: The Customer Service Engineer (CSE) Concept

CUSTOMER-ENGINEER-CONCEPT.png.140f724e3ebc0b19cb4a52625c804bbb.pngWhat is the " Customer Engineer " Concept?

1. Here, if one is making an enhancement or "trying" out a cure without professional help, it is adviseable to do it a step at a time.

2. For example, when an IBM Customer Engineer tries to resolve a problem, he takes out what he feels is a faulty `card'. He monitors the situation for a few days to a week and if the problem has been solved, this is ok. If not, he replaces another card and monitors again.

3. Similarly, if you are doing some enhancements on your own, avoid doing all at the same time. For example, do not enhance the garden, a certain room or more at the same time. If something happens, you may not be able to know what you had done wrong.

4. It is good therefore that if you make an enhancement, try it for two weeks to a month. (Particularly for those who like to do enhancements on a frequent basis).

F44E91D5-8BAC-4242-9B01-7502A1FCBE7A.thumb.jpeg.45def42ab8ab12c4d3f96632a88dce68.jpeg5. Customer Service Engineer (CSE) Concept? My personal observation of how an IBM CSE trouble-shoot a problematic ATM's intermittent communication problem with the host server.

6. Here who's at fault: Singtel ISDN line? Modems between the bank and the Singtel exchange? or the IBM ATM machine?

7. The downtime rate of that specific ATM machine was extremely high. And naturally, had a high complain rate.

8. The ATM machine has around 8 card slots.

9. The IBM CSR removed e.g. a communication card and replaced it with another. Monitor the machine performance. And he did so for another two or more modular cards. Finally, he found the problem has to do with one of these cards. Thus eliminating other equiment faults if any.

10. Same for Feng Shui.

10.1. If one wants to D.I.Y. avoid placing all cures at the same time. Try to put in place your D.I.Y. cures piecemeal. Monitor for a few days.. then add another one.

10.2. Thus if there is any issue, one can narrow down to what had been done earlier.

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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[5.] FIVE: Pure Common Sense


1. Many Feng Shui Masters explained that a bed with four raised good simply because it allows good Qi energy to flowclear_space_below_bed_1_png_5208850352ffe0ddb34f5037f96d4a90.thumb.png.63cbd670a132c301cbba16788e18bac8.png

2. Frankly, the real reason has more to do with common sense:-


3. This can just happen:


4. Always ask yourself: "Has this got to do with common sense?"



The morale of the story?

Next time, see if one can try to relate the situation to common sense?

Look.... I did a search in this forum for : "Common sense" and found 540 results on this.....

The implication is that there are so many things that are related to common sense. And often, a poor excuse to seek help from a Feng Shui Master on them... 


Frankly, it is never too late to know this.... 

I can have very high IQ and EQ... but.... I just realised this...



P.S. No offence... just know that there are lots, lots who share this same trait.. as yours.. LOL

Another Common sense approach to Feng Shui:

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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[6.] SIX: Fast Food Feng Shui

In 1980's many started to read up on Feng Shui. And start to Do it yourself (D.I.Y.). Thus the term "Fast Food Feng Shui".

2061764183_fastfoodfengshuigeomancy_net.jpg.6399cb15b0bb627ae10db56f57de88bf.jpgfast food fs.jpghan bao bao.gif

fast food back-fire.pngFAST FOOD FENG SHUI 1.pngfast food fs.1.pngFast-Food-Trial-n-Error-FS.giffastfood-trend.giffs-cureall.gif

Oh Dear! I still have nightmares about Fast Food Feng Shui!


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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[7.] SEVEN: Situational Approach = It Depends!

No two situations nor outcomes are always the same.


Under the Principles of Management, one appraoch to leadership studies is the situational approach.


Under the basic premise of the situational approach "Is that different situations demand differrent types of leadership.

This approach was developed by Hersey and Blanchard in 1969 based upon Reddin's (1967) 3-D management style theory.

In 1999, I adapted the above as: "The Situational Approach to Feng Shui"

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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[8.] EIGHT: Feng Shui by Exception!


Borrowed from Management by Exception Principle. Do focus on the exceptions, please! 

Instead of looking at every single issue. Just focus on the exceptions.

In basic management books, you get to hear this statement:

Management by Exception:

Managers only act on exceptions and solve these problems. And reserve their efforts doing fruitful things.

Feng Shui by Exception?

If it ain't broken, don't Fix it.

If you have the time, ponder over this statement. 

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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[9.] NINE: The Three Step Approach

What is the Three-Step Approach?

All Feng Shui concepts have a purpose, it's strength and weakness.

We need to understand all these these three very well.



Step 1: Find out "What is Purpose of this concept/theory? "


Step 2: What are it's strengths.

Step 3: What are it's weaknesses.

If we follow the above three easy steps, I feel that you are on your way to have a solid grounding in Feng Shui.


For example the Eight House concept or 4 Good 4 Bad dirextions has It's Limitations


Under the Eight House concept, it is pure and simple: EBONY OR IVORY. YES or NO!


Are you working in a good sector? Yes or No? Are you sitting facing a good direction? Yes or No?

What else do you want out of this theory or concept? This concept is either Yes or No? And there are no such things as BUT, IF or MAYBE!

The saying goes a miss is as good as a mile!






Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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[10.] TEN: You stay there, we don't? Correct?

1021529036_Youstaytherewedont.png.b641e17499badf041d189d58ac8df17b.pngFeng Shui Masters, Developers and many other service providers must also remember to exercise consideration of their client's situation.

For example, in the past, I meet with clients who told me that their former Feng Shui Master told them to permanently not use the master toilet etc...


Other examples....

Also, it is pretty common for staff of companies who do not have empathy at all...


Q: Want to ask if we want to do this mirror tv console feature, is it ok?

Reply: Side is ok. But hopefully ceiling lights does not provide glare

(I took into consideration: You stay there we don't!)

Thanks for the pointer....u can go be ID too , lol




Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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[11.] Eleven: Your Home: An unpolished gem or a rotten apple?



Some homes just a single enhancement can do wonders. While others can be like a 10 year old 1,000 cc car. No matter what it takes.. cannot change it into a BMW or Mercedes Benz car.. LOL

Sometimes a home may just need a minor fix. At other times it is a pure rotten apple:-


Can you recognise a house having a Quantum Leap or a Lemon? Yes/No/Maybe?

Learn more...

Sometimes a home may just need a minor fix. At other times it is a pure rotten apple:

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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[12.] TWELVE: Don't be a Headbanger as sometimes there are no practical solutions unless one considering moving out or is there other alternatives? 

1411960742_HABITHEADBANGER.thumb.gif.e0e75f5ad100367361371317ab6265cf.gifPlease recognise that not every Feng Shui problem has a practical or feasible solution other than to Move out? If so one may have to turn to other areas such as...

Question: Reading your posts, if unlucky that rubbish chute is next to or in  front of unit, what is the remedy?

1. My advice is always... before signing the dotted line... especially for ECs/Condos where these common bins are not stated; go ask the Agent to show the actual location.

1.1. And actively avoid buying such a unit if possible.

1.2. Cannot help it if one already bought a unit next to a rubbish chute.  If so, just too bad.

1.3. At the pearly gates of heaven....

1.3.1. Little girl: You have seen the questions that I posted to Master Cecil Lee?

1.3.2. Angel: Yes! So sorry.. I don’t have a solution for you. How about you ask the Devil, down under?

1.3.3. Little girl: Went down under and met the devil  : Dear girl, How I wish I can have your soul in exchange for an answer! But I Guess I have to skip entrapping yours. You are free to go... as even I the devil don't have an answer for you!

ABED46D6-AA4B-4653-B53B-D7D7191E25C3.gif.03e1975efc550190b0f7a6a4224a7103.gif2. Title: Other equivalent “God/Devil” also has no answers for you... questions...

2.1. I have a saloon car that can only seat a maximum of 5 adults. But I need a daily car to transport 7 persons.

2.2. Yes, I don’t have the money to buy an 7 seater MPV. And I cannot afford taxis on a daily basis.

2.3. Any remedy?

Addedum: Sorry the title should instead be: "BEYOND BOTH GOD & LUCIFER - AS THEY ALSO DON'T HAVE ANSWERS FOR U"

Since this is a non Feng Shui question, one can come up with a satisfactory remedy right?

If so, please call 555 = FIRE, FIRE, FIRE and give the answer to Lucifer.. LOL


More Headbangers...

More Headbangers



Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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