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Part 1: Your easy to understand Qi Men Dun Jia Ba Zi Divinity Charts for daily/hourly forecast - Coming Soon

Robert Lee

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Hi Everyone,

1. With the successful revamp of our Ba Zi Premium Reports v16.x, which we have received many wonderful feedback!

2. Easier to read, lots more information is revealed allowing for better assessment of your wealth, luck, career, career change and lots more.

3. Coming Soon! 

246225030_BAZIKUNGFU.gif.712b2a80861ee6968fe2cbbce54d839b.gifOur popular Ba Zi reports will be expanded with the advanced Divinity Tool called Qi Men Du Jia  (奇门遁甲) Divinity Charts.

3.1. Just as the QMDJ can also expand the Flying Star (玄空风水 - Xuan Kong Feng Shui) analysis.

3.2. If you noticed for example, ba zi is great for 10-yearly/5-yearly/yearly/6-monthly forecast, but it becomes less accurate when you go into daily/hourly forecast.

3.3. This is because there isn't enough indicators for a proper assessment, given it's primary focus is mainly heavenly given luck. Same goes for Flying Star (玄空风水 - Xuan Kong Feng Shui), which also focus a lot on 20-year & yearly assessments. Hence, this QMDJ is just the right tools to fill in this gap, as it excels at daily/hourly interactions. 

3.4. Hence, we are soon going to launch our end user version of the Qi Men Dun Jia (奇门遁甲) Divinity Charts.

3.5. We have been using this tool exclusively for our back-end analysis reports, but soon it will be time to make this available for our end users.

4. Learn More About What Is 奇门遁甲 - Qi Men Dun Jia?

4.1. 奇门遁甲 - Qi Men Dun Jia (QMDJ)- literally translated into English as: "Mystical Doorway protecting/hiding the Leader/King/Emperor's secrets with a Mystical Armour."

4.2 It is one of the three most powerful divinity tool available.

4.3. Since it encompasses all the important concepts (yin & yang, five elements, eight house, ba zi, flying star, astrological stars) all into one space and time dimensional chart.

4.4. Allowing you to be able to use it to find out whether it is a good time to do something or not.

4.5. This is because it uses 4 concepts of Heaven Compass (天盘 Tian Pan), Earth Compass (地盘 Di Pan), Human Compass (人盘 Ren Pan) & Deity Compass (神盘 Shen Pan), along with 3 Mystical Strategist/Adviser (奇子 Qi Zi) and 6 Mystical Warriors (六仪 Liu Yi) together, it allows a complex interaction of influences from various concepts that was even used Kings and Strategist in Art of War to win battles or finding the right time to do certain things. 

4.6. Here is how one of the variation of the basic Geomancy.Net's version of QMDJ chart for forecasting daily/hour chart influence will look like:

URL: https://www.geomancy.net/demoreports/bazi_v16_demo/qmdj_with_bazi_divinity_chart.html

4.7. What makes our QMDJ report special and different from others is that we are able to effectively let you see at a glance, the interaction various Heaven, Earth, Human, Deity in a chart that is easy to view and make lots of logical interaction at glance. It is also layout differently from the typical textbook chart format so that is more readable in a report format.

1483212796_doublehappiness2.png.de01938fb17990a59c8a9d8a23071368.png.7b303fd14d2c9dff903b5ac25319a3d0.png4.8. Is it a good time for marriage or a banquet? 

4.8.1. In this sample illustration (below), if we check the hour related to that chart when forecasting.

4.8.2. The answer would be No, because the Human Luck is Death - Earth Element, which is inauspicious and further destroyed by the Tian Fu Star (天辅星) which is Wood element. 

Deity Human
4 - Liu He
Agent / Photographing / Marriage / Banquet
2 - Death
Heaven Earth
4 - Tian Fu
9 - Li - 离

5 All our reports are colour coded for ease of reference. For example: RED is inauspicious. 

5.1. With our 奇门遁甲 - Qi Men Dun Jia (QMDJ), most of your concerns or likely events can be looked into.

5.2. That's why it is one of the most powerful yet complex analysis tool to date.

178158862_qimendunjia.thumb.png.b97e97f4a74f57c53d81b0c89327bc7d.png5.3. Like we have always mentioned, we need to assess all concepts from as many tools as possible in order to give you the most accurate assessment which is why we used this mainly as our back-end tool. 

5.4. The reason, we didn't rush to release this tool, is there is no point in just coming out with a calculator without making it easy for you to understand the interpretations. Also, not everyone needs to plan changes on a daily/hourly basis.

5.5. Plus, we needed to upgrade all our older reports so that the analysis can be cross-link to this QMDJ assessment seamlessly when needed.

5.6. This tool excels mainly in divinity, but it still needs the other Ba Zi, Eight House, Flying Star assessment as well. Also, the complexity in simplifying this assessment and making it easy for end user usage is not easy. 

5.7. Anyway, now that the Ba Zi forecast has been revamp, this tool will be perfect to help fill in the inadequacy of the Ba Zi forecast especially when it goes into daily/hourly forecast for example.

1285047896_flyingstarfengshuiwithQiMenDunJia.gif.e8c5a71b02fe54e792ffdffde01ce810.gif5.8. QMDJ will also enhance the Flying Star Chart, with additional assessment of Space Time Dimension (particularly the interaction influence of the Sun/Moon/Stars).

Look out for it soon! 

Warmest Regards
Robert Lee

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FAQ: What is the difference between Geomancy.net's  奇门遁甲 - Qi Men Dun Jia reports vs others?

2096443792_qimendunjiabyMasterRobertLee.thumb.png.4ac446800cd094e42ac1dd39bf50f8b1.pngGeomancy.net's reports are first and foremost user friendly! Not just a mess of complicated charts like those used by many of other authors.

Many days and hours of refining and for the first time a unique format like no others.


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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