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1. Why Ba Zi Life Reading is essential in applying Feng Shui?

A person's luck is influenced by 3 forms of luck:-

a) Heaven Luck - Luck you are born with and supposed to have from your given Ba Zi Heaven Luck.

b) Earth Luck - Luck from the Feng Shui of your home and surrounding.

c) Human Luck - Luck from your relationship with others and own hard work.

Each luck influence about 33.3% of your overall luck. Hence, knowing how you relate to your environment and the changes in the 10-yearly / 5-yearly / yearly / 6-monthly / monthly / daily / hourly luck can allow you to better take advantage of your overall luck.


2. Ba Zi Life Reading helps you determine your True Element (ie weak water/Strong Wood etc)


Reference: https://www.geomancy.net/demoreports/ba_zi_premium/bazi_premium_expert_review_report.pdf

In our Ba Zi Life Reading, this is Five Element Breakdown section, is to the most useful and important section in the entire ba zi. Why?

2.1. Your True Element (ie weak Fire/Strong Fire), determines your favourable elements and unfavourable elements.

In the above example, this person lacks Fire (9%) and Wood (12%). This person also has way too much Water (46%) and Earth (31%), so you want to avoid more of those since they are your unfavourable elements. Metal element is by default unfavouable to a weak Fire person, but as there is too little at 0%, some Metal when there is enough Fire and Wood is good for overall balance. The goal is to get 20% of each of the five elements.

2.2. Five element can determine your favourable Colors/Shapes/Directions/Career etc.

You can refer to this useful Five Element Characteristics Chart:-

URL: https://talk.geomancy.net

So for example, a weak fire person:-

2.2.1. Improve your overall luck with Colours

Would like to have more Fire (red/purple) colors or Wood (green/brown) colors for clothings you wear, colours of personal objects you own, colours of the car you drive, colours of the Home/Office decor should be in such colors. 

2.2.1. Improve your career luck by choosing suitable career/business

In terms of career, Fire element careers (ie are Sales and Marketing etc), Wood (Distribution, Engineering, Electronics etc)

2.2.2. Improve your luck by choosing a suitable house facing or suitable country of work

Fire (South), or Wood (East/South-East) facing house. Or even if you deciding if you should better work in a certain country Wood (East - China / South-East - South-East Asia Country ie Singapore) etc. 

2.2.3. Improve your Ba Zi Luck through a suitable Chinese Name

Reference: Learn More about Chinese Name at our Chinese Name Blog

Especially for newborn child, you can improve the person's ba zi luck by balancing the five elements through picking the most suitable Chinese Name that contains most Fire or Wood elements.

This is why people do a comprehensive Ba Zi Life Reading Review, as it helps them plan their career/business path (such as deciding between this career and that new career to see which is most suitable), whether they should work in this country or that country. Especially, for newborn baby, this is essential to picking the most suitable Chinese Name to help balance their five element since a Chinese Name will be with them for the rest of their life.

2.3. Ba Zi chart's out a person's Luck Forecast


Reference: https://www.geomancy.net/demoreports/ba_zi_premium/bazi_premium_part3_report.pdf

Luck changes every 10-yearly / 5-yearly / yearly / 6-monthly / monthly / daily / hourly. This is why there are ups and downs in your luck as it keeps changing as you enter different luck periods. So knowing when are the good and bad periods, you can better plan utilise the good and be extra careful of the bad periods.

2.3.1. Knowing when is a good period helps you plan when is the best time to change a career / start a business to maximise your luck.

This is essential, especially for example, say you plan to change a career or start a business, you probably want to pick the better luck period where luck is with you to do it. As things are more likely to go in your favour if luck is with you. While, if it's a bad period, then you want to exercise caution by not doing this too aggressively.

2.3.2. Through the luck forecast, it helps you identify potential Health/Money/Finance/Romance/Nobleman luck etc.

  • Years with a Health warning usually indicate either Health issues or possible accidents. 
  • Years with Money/Finance indicate years that have potential issues especially relating to career/business etc.
  • Years with Romance indicate when are good/bad periods for romance relation luck etc.
  • Years with Nobleman Luck will help you through the tough time especially if it's a bad year.


3. Avoid using Ba Zi for Fortune Telling aspects

3.1. While ba zi can also be used for Fortune Telling, it's recommended that you avoid it. As fortune telling can sometimes cause Self Fulfilling Prophecy, where you believe in it so much that you yourself make it happen.

3.2. A Ba Zi can chart what kind of luck you are supposed to have, however it's not a chart of what you will encounter. So it's wrong to believe that a Ba Zi Chart's prediction is supposed to match exactly what you have experienced in your past history.

As I have indicated above in Para 1, a person's luck is influenced by 3 form of luck Heaven, Earth and Human Luck.

3.3.1. So essentially, ba zi only affects 33.3% of your overall luck. This means that whenever a person's ba zi luck is determined to be very good, if he / she stays in a bad feng shui house, this can have adverse affect to your luck as the earth luck affects 33.3% of your luck as well, which will result in you experiencing a very bad period.

3.3.2. The reverse is also true. A person that is determined to have a bad luck, but if he stays in an excellent feng shui house, it will significantly improve your luck for the period.

This is why ba zi forecast can never predict your past history 100%. However, majority of the events should pretty much fall fairly closely the the forecast. Those with deviations, is usually due to other influence like Earth Luck changes etc.

3.3. However, this is important for feng shui assessment as sometimes some problems you encounter may not necessary be due to your ba zi, but your home or office.

For example, if your feng shui of the house (ie flying stars have some uncontrolled lawsuit stars), this can explain why you are having some lawsuit issues that period.

Or for example, if the house have some uncontrolled misfortune/illness stars, this can explain the many health issues affecting the family.

3.4. Thus, knowing all this information, helps you better troubleshoot problems that is affecting your overall luck. Sometimes, it may be from the Heaven Luck, sometimes it can be from the Earth Luck, or sometimes from all areas, which usually explains any major issues that you are facing.


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More topics will be covered in future posts on the Ba Zi Life Reading Blog.


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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