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The Feng Shui Ruler Small Talk: Meet the The Feng Shui Ruler Whisperer

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Case Study: Morning Cecil, would like to check with you for main door. What is a good dimensions. ID asking. Thanks

[FSM = Feng Shui Master]

FSM: 1. Two doors or 1 door + 1/2 leaf. As the dimensions are world’s apart? Or realistically, since he mentioned it, let me know what is his proposal and I can fine tune that dimension. It makes more sense this way. Since he initiated this.

FSM: 2. Thanks for checking, it's a 1 door system. (between 1meter to 1.15meter)

FSM: 3. Width: optimal 42 inches. For optimal 42”. Got an acceptable margin of 41” to max 43”


FSM: 4. Height: optimal is 83 1/4 inches. Height got also a margin of variance 82 1/4 inches to 85 1/2 inches


FSM: 5. May be Utopian for your new house if the timber frame is THICK.

FSM: 5.1. For example it would be NICE-TO but not a must for e.g. DOOR dimension is say 41 inches and the door plus both sides of the frame adds up to say 43 inches. 

FSM: 6. In the past, 1st generation and 2nd generation HDB flat is possible where the door and frame add to all "RED" .

FSM: 7. In case want higher height, let me know the proposed range, thanks.

FSM: 8. Alternatively height can be in multiples of 17” or 43cm.  For eg. 43cm X 5 = 215cm. 

 Thanks Master. Very detail & informative. I'll let ID know 42 inches for width  (including both sides of frame), 83 1/4 for height (including frames). We will forward you the 3D design as well once ID has finalised for you comments. Thanks & have a blessed weekend

FSM: 9. Note: Priority is the width OPENING = Optimal 42". But can be 41" to max 43"
Frame is NICE-to, not a must have. 

FSM: 10. Since your doors may be massive and may need thicker frames. Unlike some HDB where in the past, the frame can be metallic. Thus much, much thinner.


A = If possible MUST-HAVE
B = Nice-to-have.

Tell your ID, you dont' want to hear this song.. for the above:


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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