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Cecil Lee

Part I - Facing direction of a home

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Dear Anon & Emily,

1. Yes, this is one of the most controversial area under Feng Shui.

2. However, in order to minimize on this "problem", I like to elaborate on several key points, which at the end of it, everyone can have at least a better idea.

3. We have to understand concepts like:

3.1 Facing and Sitting directions
3.2 The "Mouth-of-the-house".

4. These two are related.

5. For a landed property, often, the main door is assumed as the "mouth-of-the-house". Since quite-alot-of landed properties have their main entrance door facing the frontage. This is common because, often we drive-up to the front of the home. And we enter thru this door.

6. However, there are some landed properties that have their main entrance at the side of the home. For example, we drive in (deeper into the home). And after parking, the main door is at the side.
Here, if there are a row of landed properties on the same side of our landed property or if this main door faces the side-of-another landed property (in very close proximity), then we often should not use this main door as the main door. But rather, find out where is the frontage of the home. (Does this sound familiar to some apartments that we have viewed or lived-in?)

7. The "mouth-of-the-house". Under Feng Shui, the mouth of the house is considered very important, because this is where qi comes into the home. And this qi is said to have an influence on the home.

8. In a landed property, again, often, the main door is considered the "mouth-of-the-house". But often it is this collective main door and the frontage e.g. windows at this frontage, that is known as the facing direction.

9. Therefore, we can understand that the facing direction is where air or majority of air is said to flow into the home. This is like when we drive an-open-top car, air literally flows at our face. And it is this majority of qi or air flow that we want to determine. And this is where, we consider the facing or mouth-of-the-house.

10. Once we find this facing direction, the sitting direction is easy. Since it is directly opposite the facing direction.

Continued under Part II...

Warmest Regards,


On 4/22/2004 7:32:56 PM, Anonymous wrote:
Hi Emily,
I've read in another
"FengShui" related website
that the main door's facing is
applicable to landed property
where the main door is mostly
the facing of the house.
However, if for Condo/HDB
flats, the facing of the house
could be different from the
main door most of the time. In
such circumstances, the main
facing of the house is used
rather than the main door.
Mr Lee,
could you please verify the
correctness of my
understanding, whether what
I've written above is correct?
I've been sourcing for a
condominium and is also quite
confused on whether the main
door or thefront
(windows of living and master
bedroom) is used to match
against the good direction
from the Eight House Report
generated from this website.
For example, the Eight House
chart shows that South is a
good facing for me, so should
I be looking out for a unit
that sits on North and faces
south (such that majority of
the living room windows (
looks out towards north)

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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