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FAQ: Eight House

FAQ: Eight House (ba yun/ba zhai)

Eight House is also known as Eight Luck (ba yun), Eight Mansion (ba zhai), House Analysis (Zhai Wu), etc.

What is Eight House?

It is a very basic Feng Shui tool which is able to determine the 4 good and 4 bad directions from the 8 Trigram of a person (year). This is less accurate then Flying Star in terms that it only takes into account the year of the person.  However, it is very useful in determine a general house facing direction which they are most suitable in. It also allows you to know how you can improve you own personal health and prosperity.

There are more powerful theories such as the Flying Star or Finding a good house which uses 24 different mountain, and  can be used to analyse 20-year, yearly, month, day and hour periods.

How can I use the Eight House?

Suitable Facing House - Knowing your kua, allows you to find out the direction of the main door for your house which is good for you.

Personal Activities - Knowing the 4 good and 4 bad directions, you can make full use of that knowledge to enhance your health, prosperity, study etc. This involves performing the activity in the direction of the good location.

Key Usage of this report

To locate yourself in the bedroom which is NOT Death or Disaster.Ensuring that you do not stay in the house which has a main door that is Death or Disaster.Help you position yourself for sleeping or working.

As this report is not specific to a house, you can apply this theory to your house and even in your office work space.

What is Eight Associate Directions?

Eight Associate Directions is also known as Eight Aspirations or Life Aspirations. It is said that every direction (kua direction) has a suitable life association. For example South-West is direction is said to be good for your marriage and relationship.

What are the uses of Associate Directions?

Planning of Rooms - Knowing the directions which are good say South-West is marriage or relationship, having a family room there will improve the relationship of the couple and family members.

Office Planning - Each direction is also associated with a businesses aspect.

Flying Star, Eight House, Eight Associate Directions which one should I use?

Flying Star - This theory can determine 20-Yearly, Yearly and Monthly Feng Shui for your house. It uses two stars to determine the Feng Shui of your home or office. If you find that your business is not good? Or if you find that your family is constantly having problems? This is the theory which can determine such influences. The cures and prediction will take precedence over Eight House or Eight Associates Direction.

Eight House - This theory can provide a yearly determination of your 4 good and 4 bad direction based on the Eight Trigram. This is limited to providing personal directions and finding a suitable house. If you are having personal problems, such as constantly ill? Use this to see if you are staying in a direction of your bad influences. This readings will take precedence over Eight Associate Direction.

Eight Associate Direction - This is the lowest prority when compared to Flying Star or Eight House. However, as it is still a widely practiced theory due to its simplicity, you can try to active some of the good areas such as marriage and career prosperity.

What happen when my husband and my Eight house are completely different?

Important for this case is that, the breadwinner (usually the husband for example) should be located in the bedroom which is good for him.

Try to position yourself closer to your good sector, and let your partner act as a shield for you.

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