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FAQ: Personal Element

FAQ: Finding your personal Element

Finding your personal element report is developed by Geomancy.Net with a specific purpose of determining your personal birth element.

This report is based on the most accurate way to determine your birth element.

In most cases, most basic books and formula use only the year of birth to determine the birth element. For example in the year of 1966 which is a fire horse. Thus, in most basic calculation, for all person born in the year 1966 (Lunar Calendar) are considered a fire person.

However, this is actual fact, this is a very inaccurate way to determine your birth element. This is because, that would mean that there nearly everyone is who in born in this year is considered a fire person.

This is not the case. The element is changing every day, thus there is water-fire, wood-fire, fire-fire, water-fire, metal-fire, earth-fire person for year of 1966. In such cases, your true element is the day element. For example if you are determined to be a water-fire, then you are a water person rather then a fire person.

This report uses the Pillars of Destiny (ba zi) which is known also as 4 pillars, 8 characters, Chinese fortune calendar etc.

This report is thus the most accurate way report in determining the personal element, because it takes a person's year, month, day & hour.

This report is only a basic report only providing you the element of birth. For this free quick report, all elements are treated as weak element.


Every element is broken down to weak and strong element. Take wood element for example.  A weak wood is like a thin plant. It can be cut by small knife. However. a strong wood is like an old oak tree. It takes a long time to even use a chain saw or axe to cut down the tree.

Thus, in order to use this forecast analysis effectively, you need to know your true birth element. As least, you must know if you belong to which of the Five Element. And you should know if you are a weak or a strong element. This website provide you a free analysis of your element. This free report will treat your element as a weak element. It will not provide you the answer to whether you are a weak or a strong person. There is a slightly more detailed Pillars of Destiny which provides you with 40 years of luck period analysis found in the My FengShui system.

In order to determine if you are a weak or a strong element, you have to obtain the either the standard or premium Pillars of Destiny Report. All these reports will provide you immediate answers to your true birth element. They are all very comprehensive reports which analysis every possible combination of details to accurately determine your birth elements.

How to use this report?

This report is just to determine your birth element. With the knowledge of your birth element, it helps you determine the colour to wear, the  favourable shapes based on your colours and lots more.

It is also the foundation for many other Feng Shui analysis and interpretations.

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Sunday, 18 Mar, 2001


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