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Center of House

Question: I have a question for you, about the best way to take the read of a house. In your site your proposal is from the center of the house, read compass to the main entrance. Frankly, this is a traditional way practised by many FS Masters. This method of using the centre of the house can be verified by many books from various Feng Shui authors. There are many FS Masters plus you can confirm this information from so many Feng Shui books available in the book stores. These books range from authors schooled in traditional feng shui practise, experts in shapes and form school to English practitioners of 9 star ki.

Some authors even come up with a novel way of photocopying an A4 sized layout, paste it on a cardboard and then use e.g. a pin to balance it. Th=e reason is to find the centre of gravity and thus consider this the centre of the house. It is particularly for a house with many `missing or protruding' corners.

Question: Others Masters say look the facing of the house, (where the building is most larger)not necessary the main entrance. Other say, the front is where the most light in to the building.

As what you mentioned are `short statements' it is difficult for me to come up with an overall view of what these practitioners are trying to do.

Overall in situations where the house is `L' shaped, one can also "divide" the house into two rectangles and access the two rectangles `separately. For large houses e.g. a huge mansion, each room can also be accessed by finding the centre and using say the Flying Star chart to `map' over it.

I hope you understand that without knowing the total picture but rather a short comment, I am unable to comment on the methods. They may be correct= if they are evaluating the building. For example, some FS Masters advise to place two lamps on each side of the entrance of a building to encourage beneficial Qi to the building. For example, some departmental store exterior are always fully lighted up and one consideration is to improve on the building's Qi. This is similar to what you have mentioned about lighting up the building.

Cecil Lee
Center for Feng Shui Research
February 1999



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