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Recently somebody mentioned "baubiology" related to Feng Shui. Could you tell what is it. Thanks.

Thanks to Glyn, she has found out what Baubiology is. Please see her quote:-

Quoted from Glyn to Cecil:-
Hi Cecil

Refresh your memory - February 26, a forum user wanted to know about baubiology.

I have found a short note as to what it is. It is a German theory about the effects of "black streams" which are supposed to cause illness in those who sleep or work in their vicinity. It is part of a new field called Biogeometry. Somthing similar to intangible lines I would say. Thought you may like this info.

Yes, I did not know that Baubilogy refers to Biogeometry. In fact I had written a short article on `black streams'. The URL is at Dangers of Underground water

Thanks for pointing it out!

If you have the time, this article is quite interesting! It shows that Feng Shui in relation to underground water is true.

Cecil Lee
Center for Feng Shui Research
March 1999



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...Thank you for the effort you guys are doing... Cecil Lee Cecil Lee - Feng Shui at Geomancy.Net" My name is Daniel and i'm 17 years old. I live in New Zealand, located in the Southern Hemisphere.

Today life is worth a million dollars. Yesterday it was only worth 2 cents.

I can list a million things to tell you what feng shui has done to me in the last few weeks....

The information in the site is VERY VERY ACCURATE. without this site i think feng shui would die out because people won't trust it anymore.

Best of luck to everyone. And make sure you apply whatever it is correctly and always monitor the changes because the little things can be disasterous.

Thank you for the effort you guys are doing to making this world a better place."

Dan, New Zealand