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So you want to be a Practitioner?

Still Under Construction

Present Feng Shui Practises:- 

Picture showing different Schools of Feng Shui


Categories of Feng Shui Practioners:-
Grand Master -- Few.
Practioner with no credientials --- QUACK?

Overall, many of us do not question the credientials of a Feng Shui Practioner and call them Feng Shui Masters.  Is your Feng Shui practioner really a Master and not a Practioner? So, you may ask, what is the `big deal' if a Feng Shui person is called a Master or Practioner?

In fact, I only began to realise the importance recently while updating my website. I found it important to differentiate the words of a Feng Shui Practioner and a Master with regards to controversial issues surrounding a topic. There are now so many Feng Shui sites and everyone tend to think that all Feng Shui sites are the same i.e. everyone writing on the subject is a Feng Shui Master and tend to hold the comments with regards or the `unspoken truth'.

I do notice also that many people tend to call someone practising Feng Shui -- `A Feng Shui Master' and listen religiously to their advise. Caution! Not all are really that good or know more than you or me!




Users Comments
Thanks again for your hard work..... Cecil Lee Cecil Lee - Feng Shui at Geomancy.Net

Dear Master Cecil Lee

Congratulations for maintaining and continuously upgrading the Geomancy Net. Kudos to your painstaking, educative and comprehensive efforts in helping millions to take note & understand this science of Feng Shui.......I feel exultant every time I visit your site.

Thanks again for your hard work.
Warm regards
Vijay Kumar
October 2003

Dear Messrs Lee,

I have followed your forum closely not because I am practising fast food feng shui. I noticed that you gave very sound and practical reply to the users here, it have provided a channel for us.

Angeline Tan
4 April 2004