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Practitioner To Be

So you want to be a Practitioner?

Still Under Construction

Present Feng Shui Practises:- 


Picture showing different Schools of Feng Shui


Categories of Feng Shui Practioners:-
Grand Master -- Few.
Practioner with no credientials --- QUACK?

Overall, many of us do not question the credientials of a Feng Shui Practioner and call them Feng Shui Masters.  Is your Feng Shui practioner really a Master and not a Practioner? So, you may ask, what is the `big deal' if a Feng Shui person is called a Master or Practioner?

In fact, I only began to realise the importance recently while updating my website. I found it important to differentiate the words of a Feng Shui Practioner and a Master with regards to controversial issues surrounding a topic. There are now so many Feng Shui sites and everyone tend to think that all Feng Shui sites are the same i.e. everyone writing on the subject is a Feng Shui Master and tend to hold the comments with regards or the `unspoken truth'.

I do notice also that many people tend to call someone practising Feng Shui -- `A Feng Shui Master' and listen religiously to their advise. Caution! Not all are really that good or know more than you or me!




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