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Free Module 2: Shapes & Form Feng Shui

Chapter 3: Chinese Burial Sites

A picture of a corpse covered entirely in a Jade SuiteThe best method of understanding and appreciating the Shapes and Form School is to look at burial sites of many ancient Chinese Emperors. While settlements which had mostly disappeared, most of these ancient tombs are still intact and visible for all of us to  see, today.

The best examples of Feng Shui are the Ming Dynasty tombs which were built at the foot of hills.

These excellent sites have good Feng Shui and are the tombs of famous late Emperors. These sites, partially because of their excellent locations have now become extremely popular  tourist spots with excellent scenic views.

Picture above: A Chinese emperor clothed in a full Jade suite stitched together with gold threads.



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... very interesting talk you did ... Cecil Lee Cecil Lee - Feng Shui at Geomancy.Net"Thanks for the very interesting talk you did at the Rotary Club meeting held at M Hotel." - Wong Pei Wai

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