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The Luo Shu

The Luo Shu Square

The Legend of the Giant Tortise


According to ancient Chinese legends, a giant tortoise surfaced from the River Lo in central China  around 4,000 years ago. The ancients found a pattern on a tortise shell (see extreme right picture). There were circular dots of numbers that were arranged in a three by three nine grid pattern on it's shell.

The pattern of numbers in any given  direction - horizontal, vertical or diagonal add up to a total of 15 (see middle picture above). This is equal to the 15 days in each of the 24 cycles of the Chinese  solar year.

The significance of the  arrangements of the numbers on the giant tortise feature prominently  in the following:

1. The Chinese system of time dimension also  takes into account number 9. Time is divided into 9 ages, each  lasting 20 years. Three 20 year ages make up one period. A full cycle  takes 180 years. Each period is assigned a number, from one to nine.

       Feng Shui and You

There are two methods of accessing the Feng Shui of a site or the interior of a home using the compass: 1. The Eight Houses Theory and 2. The Flying School Theory.

Of the two methods, the Compass  School's Eight Types of Houses Theory or (Eight Houses for short) is static and meant as a preliminary report to analyse which house is  more suitable for an individual. In general, it is based on an investigation of a person's birth date and match this against the  most suitable to the `least' suitable house.

Flying Star Theory is  more accurate and takes into consideration the time factor. It is thus an extension of the Eight House Theory. For the first time in the world, has developed a software to produce a comprehensive report combining the two theories. In additional, you also get to understand the Grand Duke's Theory., has a Do it yourself (D.I.Y) for both the Eight House Theory and Flying Star Theory. You can try  them out later on.



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