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The Toilet




Picture showing  a mirror in the toilet:-

1. It is better to place a mirror  in the toilet than in the bedroom. One reason was because many Feng Shui practioners I came across believe that when a person sleeps, his/her `spirit' wanders out of the body and thus get a shock after  seeing it's shadow in a mirror.

Another Feng Shui Master wrote in  his book that a room's `Chi' is affected by placing mirrors on the room's wall. This can have an adverse effect on the person staying in  the room especially if the mirror is facing any of the directions of the bed.

Some readers may argue that  nowadays, many `mirrors' are not that reflective e.g. many new computer screens and TV sets especially in pitch darkness.  Alternatively, another reasoning is that usually a bedroom has a  window and often light e.g. moonlight or light from street lamps do filter into the room.

The above is a `modern' day Feng Shui practise as in the past there were no reflective screens other than polished mirrors e.g. bronze mirrors and they are usually `smaller' and placed on the dressing table.

I leave it to your own judgement especially if you are able to sleepy easily every night with mirrors  around you:)

2. Waste pipes should preferably be  covered up. This is not compulsory thou but if you have the money,  why not?

3. The toilet door must not open directly to show the toilet bowl.

4. The toilet must not be located  beside the main door.

5. The toilet should not be located  above the main door for a two storey house.