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Types of Building


In general,  buildings with irregular or odd shapes are inauspicious. In addition, these buildings are a `nightmare' to architects and if the plot of land is too small, it is difficult to maximize space.

Illustration of inauspicous buildings with irregular or odd shapes


Illustration of favourable building shapes

Go for symmetrical pieces of land or rectangular pieces of land. Note: Geometric shapes are auspicious only for large buildings. 


Illustration of building shapes

Illustration of building shapes


Illustration of favourable building shapes

Shapes of  Houses / Apartments: Missing Corners 

The shape of a house if it is protruding at a corner or if a section is `cut-out/indent' has implications on Feng Shui for the occupants depending on the direction of the protrusion or `cut-out/indent'.

Let's first look at shapes of houses with protuding corners at various compass directions:-

Illustration of buildings with missing corners

See illustration above. If the protrusion is at:-

1. North : Can easily make friends.

2. North-East : Enjoys doing Research and Development work.

3. East : Dare take calcualted risks and is rather impatient.

4. South-East : Needs to work real hard.

5. South : Will enjoy good reputation.

6. South-West : Male members living in the house will be lazy while Females will be active.

7. West : One happy family.

8. North-West : Occupants likes a competitive environment.


Let's look at  shapes of houses with `cut-outs/indents' at various compass directions:-

Illustration of buildings with cut-outs/indents

See illustration above. If the `cut-out/indent' is at:-

1. North : Will meet with an accident.

2. North-East : Occupant will have poor planning.

3. East : Will be easily discouraged or suffer from low morale.

4. South-East : Daughters will not be successful in love affairs.

5. South : Will mix with bad company or be cheated.

6. South-West : Have constant bad luck.

7. West : Will frequently flirt around.

8. North-West : Will have frequent quarrels.

Do take note that if houses have too much protusions or `cut-outs/indents' these  are equally no good. Usually the problems could range from illness for members of the family, business failures or frequent quarrels and  bad luck. 


Is there a cure for missing corners?

Yes! Here goes:-

1. Use mirrors on both sides of the wall to "increase it's dept".

2. If the  "cut-out or missing corner" is on the ground floor, do some landscaping by planting bushes to create an outline of the missing corner outside of the house. It is also good if you can place a lamp  post at the edge/corner of the garden. 

Can you  identify the type of building?

Picture of a Metal Element building

This is a `Metal'  building. Notice the dome shaped roof?


Picture of an Earth Element building

This is an `Earth' building. Notice the flat roof? 


Picture of a Water Element building

This is a `Water'  building. Notice glass covering the entire building.
 Glass represents the water element. 


Picture of a Wood Element building

This house is  made of `Wood' as such, the house is considered a `Wood' building. 


Picture of a Fire Element building

This is a `Fire' building. It is characterised by sharp pointed roofs.
Churches belong to this category as they have pointed roofs.



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