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Auspicious Date for the Entire Year

Auspicious Date for the Entire Year

Looking for an auspicious day to move into your home, start your business, or simply for an important event in your life?


Auspicious Date for the entire month will analyse and personalised the dates to an individual. These dates found suitable will be good for you as each person is unique and will only have a certain number of dates which are good or unsuitable to them.

The report will perform the following detailed analysis.

  • Analyse a person's Ba Zi to the day itself
  • Check and compare for any combinations and clashes occuring between the ba zi chart and the day itself.
  • Provides an analysis whether the month is favourable to that person or not. In addition, it will list the best days in the month in a summary analysis.

Information Required for Analysis

  • Name: eg. Samuel Richard
  • Gender: eg. Male
  • Date of Birth: eg. 11 Mar 1934
  • Hour of Birth (optional): eg. 8:50 am
  • The Year to Analyse: eg. 2002

What you will get in the Auspicious Date for Entire Year?

  • Auspicious Date for Entire Year Credits updated in your Member Account
    (Allows you to access your report any time you wish)
  • Reports you are entitled to Generate
    • Auspicious Date for Entire Year - View Sample Report: [ Sample ]
  • All Online Reports are generated On-The-Fly within a few seconds on request.
  • Unlimited Consultation via Forum / E-mail / Phone / Fax to clarify any questions or queries you might have.

Detailed Report Feature List

Analysis Details you will get from our Auspicious Date for Entire Month.


Auspicious Date for Entire Month

Standard Ba Zi Chart

i.e. Day, Month & Year Pillar (just for your reference)

Summary of Dates

i.e. Auspicious - Jan: 7, 8, 20

Combinations & Clashes

All possible combinations and clashes will be compared for each day to your ba zi chart

Full Year Analysis

i.e. 1st Jan to 31 Dec 2002 or 365 days

100% Personalised

i.e. the Dates analysed are 100% personalised to you. Not just a general day.

Final Summary

i.e. Auspicious, Inauspicious etc.

About the Auspicious Date for Entire Year


About the Auspicious Date for Entire Month Reports at Geomancy.Net


Master Robert Lee (co-founder of Geomancy.Net)

Report Extensive Tested & Verified

Master Cecil Lee (author & co-founder of Geomancy.Net)

It is used extensively by Master Cecil Lee in his On-Site Feng Shui Audit to give his client a comprehensive Date Analysis to aid in finding the best dates for his clients to move into his house or to get married.

Benefits of our Auspicious Date for Entire Year

  • Immediate On-The-Fly Date Analysis (only a few seconds to generate a full report)
  • 100% Personalised to the individual's ba zi
  • Backed with Unlimited Support & Consultation from Master Cecil Lee & Master Robert Lee
  • It is used by Geomancy.Net to replace the Almanac.

Why is Auspicious Date for Entire Year used for?

1. Moving In a New House / Office

Finding a date for the breadwinner or owner of a company to move into the home / office.

2. Getting Engage / Married

If you are getting married, using two reports of the same month for the two person can help you find the best date for both person. A new Auspicious Date for Marriage Report which compares two person together in the same report can now be used instead of two individual reports comparing side by side.

3. Have an important Event which needs a Good Date

Or simply if you just need to find an auspicious date for an important event in your life.


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