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Uses of Pillars of Destiny Report?

Pillars of Destiny is a very useful report it tells you:-

  • Your True Birth Element
  • Your 80 Year Luck Period (Big Luck, Lesser Luck & Annual Luck)
  • Your Wealth Deities
  • Your Symbolic Symbols

As you can see from this learning resource about Pillars of Destiny, a report does tell a lot. And these are just some of the more important aspect of the Report which we found users asking us as such came up with a Learning Resource so that you can better understand how to make use of the report.

Not all details are published here, but it contains sufficient knowledge to allow a person to fully utilise the Pillars of Destiny report for personal analysis.

Pillars of Destiny & Flying Star Report

In order to properly apply cures to your home, you need to know what element are you. Flying Star Sector may require some cures, but if you are staying in that sector, you have also to ensure that the cures are suitable for you. 

For example, if you are a weak wood, and for that sector the recommended cure is Strong Metal to control the Strong Earth, the cure will remove the bad influence from that sector as well as destroy your weak wood, causing adverse effect back onto you. So instead, I would suggest an alternative of using Wood cure which will not only destroy earth at the same time it would strengthen your weak wood, improving your weak wood.

That is why normally, in order to do a full audit a range of tools has to be used together in order to attend success!

Pillars of Destiny & Personal Luck

Knowing your elements allows you to enhance yourself with the most suitable cure for each year. Improving your personal luck in your life. This can also be applied to your career. 

For example, if you are a weak wood, having a job which is water element is good for you as it does help you strengthen your wood. Alternatively, if you strengthen yourself with water, you can try to find an Earth related cure which will increase your chances with wealth.

Pillars of Destiny & Company Logo

Knowing your Pillars can help in creating a suitable company logo for your business, which helps you enhance your luck thus increasing your business prosperity. 

For example, if you are a weak wood, having a logo in blue, with wavy lines helps to strengthen your weak self with water, or using a logo in yellow or brown, and with a square shape does help you increase your wealth deities.

Pillars of Destiny & Partner

Pillars of Destiny in the past was used to allow users to determine many areas of regarding finding a suitable partner. There is some cases where certain combination of elements will not match each other thus causing frequent disputes.

Knowing the pillars allows you to try to smoothen things up with a binding element. Every combination can be bind together with either one or at most two different elements so that you will reduce the friction.

Pillars of Destiny & many others

There are many others which Pillars of Destiny can be used in relation to. However, I will not go into depth in this brief review and explanation.

Take Control of your Destiny Today!

Learn more about your destiny today and take advantage of your destiny. 

"Knowledge is power!"


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