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Ten Deities

Below you will see an example of a person's Ten Deities. Each person will have their deities represented by different element based on their charts.

The chart below has been automatically worked out by our Pillars of Destiny Report.

Ten Deities (English)


Element representation


Earned Wealth

zheng cai



zheng guan


Main Funds

zheng yin



shang guan



jie cai


Unexpected Wealth

pian cai



qi sha


Unexpected Funds

pian yin


Emotional Intelligence

shi shen



bi jian


If you want to tell if you are rich or poor, a glace at this chart can tell you everything you need to know. 

For example for this person, his wealth is represented by Fire. This means that if his luck period falls in a period with fire, he will have additional wealth deities. This means more opportunity to gain wealth.

What do I need to take advantage of these deities (especially wealth)?

In order to take advantage of these deities is to make sure that you are a strong element. 

If your element is weak and you have lots of wealth in your charts, then in order to take advantage of these deities you need to strengthen your true birth element with a job which represents your favourable element. 

If you are a person with strong element but have very little wealth deities, then in order to improve your wealth, you can getting a job favourable to your wealth element.

If you are a person with weak element and little wealth deities, then you should enhance your weak element with personal cures and get a job that has lots of wealth deities element.

A long list of relationship between elements and five element is found in either the Applied Feng Shui Made Easy Book or the Applied Feng Shui (Theories & Concepts) Course. Click here to obtain it.

Knowing these deities extremely useful for you. 


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