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Health Problem

Solution Wizard - Health Problem

Health Problems usually originates from the a combination of the following problems:-

Below are some of the Do-It-Yourself analysis you can use to identify your problem. If you do not wish to worry about how to apply the reports, you can always select the Leave it to our Expert Help for the various packages.

Problem: 1. The Bedoom not suitable to you from your Eight House.

ie, You stay in an North-East - Death or North-West Death sector of the house.

Use the Free Eight House / 4 Good and 4 Bad direction Report to determine which sector is your Death / Disaster.


Problem: 2. The Bedoom could also not be favourable for you based on your Ba Zi Element

ie, You are a Strong Water person and you stay in a North (Water) or East (Wood) sector of the House.

Use the Ba Zi True Element Report or Ba Zi Analysis Report or Group Analysis Report to identify which Element you belong to (ie weak Water / Strong Water). Match your favourable and unfavourable element to the following:-




Problem: 3. Inauspicious Sector from the Flying Star Analysis at the Bedroom Sector.

ie, if the stars have say Star 2/3/4/5 at the Bedroom, particularly Star 2 (illness) / 5 (Misfortune).

Use the Flying Star (Xuan Kong) House Analysis Report to identify problem areas in the House particularly that pertaining to the Bedroom sector.


Problem: 4. Ba Zi Element not favourable to sector where you constantly sleep

ie, if you are a very Strong metal for example, and you constantly work in North-East sector, which is Earth and if there are also happen to have stars from the Flying Star Sector, then you may be too incompatible in your ba zi and the sector you work or sleep..

Use the Ba Zi Element and Flying Star (Xuan Kong) Sector Element to see which Flying Star Numbers in the Sector (ie 3-9-4 where 3 - Wood, 9 - Fire, 4 -Wood etc).


Problem: 5. Ba Zi - Balance of Elements is too unbalanced.

ie, Sometimes a person ba zi is too unbalanced. Say if you have 0% of Wood or Too much percentage of an element in your Ba Zi chart like 50% Water, are signs that your health will be affected due to uneven distribution of the Five Elements.

Ba Zi Analysis particularly the Ba Zi Premium can help you take a good look into this by breaking down the Five Elements into a percentage found in the Overall Summary report. From there you can see how unbalance you are and therefore have to improve it with more of your favourable elements to offset the problem.


Recommended Package

Our Recommended Package is for Do-It-Yourself or the Full Audit Package:-

Solving Problems

The above are usually the problems affecting the Health of a person. Health problem are usually related to the Home Feng Shui or Ba Zi Balance of Element. Once you identify these problems, then at least you will be able to apply certain cures to fixing it so as to reduce the overall problem.


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