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Improve your Luck & Destiny with our Ba Zi Premium Reports - Key Areas found in this write-up

Robert Lee


Ba Zi Premium Report

We have revised this report format to make it more user friendly and concise.

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This report format has been discontinued. Archived - For Reference Only

A. An Overview:


1. What is my birth element? This first example = a Weak Water Person

1.1 Know that Your Ba Zi: Year, Month, Day, Hour + House of Life + House of Conception will determine whether your chart is Strong or Weak.



2. The birth element is based on the day one was born.


2.1. For example, Mr Ba Zi was born on the day (Heavenly Stem) of the water element. 

2.2. Overall he is considered a weak water person after taking intoconsideration of his Year, Month, Day, Hour, House of Life and Conception.


2.3. Personal favourable and unfavourable elements/colours for a weak water person are = Metal and Water:-


2.4 Shapes and colour associations:-



3. [Below] The full Ba Zi chart Page 1


4. A second example: Shows that she is a weak wood person:-


5. If you are doing a Comprehensive Feng Shui Audit with us, we use individual ba zi elements to find out your combined element. In this example, the lowest common denominator is the Water element:


6. This is a Sample of a family of six (6). In this real life example, both Mr and Mrs binding element is Metal. Child C and D have to sleep together thus their binding elements were analysed to be considered in the family's Ba Zi report:


Since Child A and B have their own bedrooms, under Ba Zi Feng Shui their individual best colours are looked at in relation to each of their bedrooms.

[Above] This is part of Ba Zi Feng Shui.




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B. Health: The Five Elements and Associated Organs of The Body

1.  Each body part is associated with a body function


2. Check your individual ba zi report: "Your Five Element Breakdown".


2.1. In the above example, the highest imbalance is the wood element at 40%.

2.2. Based on the above illustration, wood is associated with Diabetes or Liver problems.

Case Study: Ba Zi with Wood element (40%) and Higher risks of diabetes

3. For example, the highest percentage is 40% Wood element.

4. A chart with too much wood element can affect one's health. In particular high risks of diabetes.


5. In addition, for this person, he is at highest risks of diabetes between age 31 and 40. This is where at this age, he has a high imbalance of wood element = 46%:-


6. Between age 41 to 50, this person's wood element is at it's highest imbalance of 70%. Considered as abnormal risks of diabetes or liver issues. Liver issues especially if excessive alcholism.

The chart below shows circled in red = Wood = 70%:-


7. The Ba Zi Personalised Summary highlights Minor and Major Health concerns.

7.1 For this person, the major Health Issues falls within the years 2017 and 2026.


Mr Ba Zi Major Health indicators.png

8. Additional Resource:

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C. Romance Partner / Friends

1. Ba Zi Expert Review Summary: Under G3. Romance Partner / Friends



2. Ba Zi Expert Review Summary: People around You


Mr Ba Zi and Compatible Animal Signs.png

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D. Career Luck

1. Career with Wealth:-


2. Career with Power and Authority:-


My career with wealth simply means lots of wealth luck.

3. Suitable favourable career but not leading to great wealth, power or authority. But still beneficial for this person:-


4. Ba Zi Expert Review Summary: Time to Change Job?


5. Can I change job in 2018

5.1. Mr Ba Zi at Age 37-45 (2017 -2026) with Major Career Movement Luck

Mr Ba Major Career Movement Luck in 2017-2026.png

6. Ba Zi Expert Review Summary: Who can be my business partner?


7. Ba Zi Expert Review Summary: When is my business opportunities?


1 10 SALARIED 3.jpg

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E. 4D Luck / Bonus and Promotion Luck

1. Your Ten Deities & Key Characteristics: Unxpected Wealth (Pian Cai)

1.1 Unexpected Wealth or Pian Cai not only means lottery luck but also bonus or promotion luck!




2. Ba Zi Expert Review Summary: C2. Additional Unexpected Wealth (Pian Cai)

2.1. How is my Unexpected Wealth Luck?

2.2. Minor and Major Yearly Unexpected Wealth Luck is highlighted:

2.2. For example best years or years with the best luck are shown in BLUE.

GREEN means average luck
RED means inauspicious wealth luck. Thus not lucky years.



3. Additional Resources:

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F. Summary of Your Ten Deities: Authority or 正官 (Zheng Guan)

1. Authority or 正官 (Zheng Guan) refers to boss traits as well as leadership potential.

1.1. In a home this would be "Who's the Boss?"

1.2. In the office, this usually refers to "Leadership Traits".

2. Example 1: At Home - Husband is the Boss in the office. But a pussy cat at home. LOL!


Compare the "Authority or zheng guan" of yours with your spouse or family member's!


boss of my home.gif

3. Example 2: Home under new management: Just Married! 

She (wifey) is trying to shame me by asking me to hang this at our home's main door! SUCKS!


4. Example 4: At work or Uniformed Group

4.1 Leader has a 3 rating or more. 2nd in command = 2.  A follower? 0 rating.


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G. Summary of Your Ten Deities

1. Can I go into business?

1.1. A Boss usually has high numbers in at least four areas:-
Unexpected Wealth = 3
Determination = 3
Unexpected Funds = 2
Competitor = 2

Where a range of 2 to 3 or 4 is good


1.2 [Above] A potential business person has a chart similar to the above. In the past Authority was important. But nowadays with the advent of a kinder Human Resource & workspace, Authority is not a key consideration, here.


2. This individual does not have a potential to go into business:-

Here, he has 0 unexpected wealth, 0 unexpected funds.

He is very strong in earned weath = 4 and main funds = 5

Better for this person to work for others:-


3. What is Competitor?


4. A Salaried Worker's chart most likely looks like this:-

Earned Wealth = 3

Main Funds = 2


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H. Luck Pillars: Age 32-41 (1989 - 1998)

1. Within each Luck Pillar do check the Ten Deities to see if you have 4D Luck = pian cai or Unexpected wealth luck or not?



2. [Below] The above is an extract from your Pillars of Destiny Chart:-


3. Alternatively in your Ba Zi Expert Review Summary at C2. Additional Unexpected Wealth (Pian Cai)

You can see the Minor and Major Unexpected Wealth Luck Year (if any)




4. Above: C1. Additional Direct Wealth (Zheng Cai) has more to do with working for others or salaried person's career promotion luck.

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I. Summary of your Luck Pillars

1. Your Ba Zi report will show your a summary of your 10 Yearly Luck Periods


2. Your Ba Zi Report will also show in detail 5 yearly, yearly and 6 monthly luck:- 






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J. Geomancy.net uses this information to determine one's Mandarin name


Name Change


1. After I was born, my grandfather brought my date and time of birth to a geomancer.

2. The geomancer analysed my ba zi and came up with a name to suit my ba zi.


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L. House of Life and Conception have to be included in an authentic Ba Zi review!

1. Not all Ba Zi Reports are created equal.

2. An authentic Ba Zi report should include six (6) pillars:
[1.] Hour
[2.] Day
[3.] Month
[4.] Year
[5.] House of Life and
[6.] House of Conception



3. House of Conception: Can I conceive? Have a baby?



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M. Case Study - On a side note can you just see if she and I can be business partners in the near future?



1. Based on ba zi both are fire element. Although a person who is strong wood would be best for your partnership.

2. Horse suits a Tiger like yourself
2.1 And Tiger suits (Person B)



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N. If a person's Emotional Intelligence or EQ is often 3 or more. (See sample illustration)
Plus if the Palm Head line is wavy. This implies that the person tend to worry a lot, and may be a little more sensitive. This can lead to mental problems or to the mental hospital.


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