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  1. Ba Zi Premium Report We have revised this report format to make it more user friendly and concise. Please click this link for the latest reports:- : : : : ======= BELOW ======= This report format has been discontinued. Archived - For Reference Only A. An Overview: 1. What is my birth element? This first example = a Weak Water Person 1.1 Know that Your Ba Zi: Year, Month, Day, Hour + House of Life + House of Conception will determine whether your chart is Strong or Weak. 2. The birth element is based on the day one was born. 2.1. For example, Mr Ba Zi was born on the day (Heavenly Stem) of the water element. 2.2. Overall he is considered a weak water person after taking intoconsideration of his Year, Month, Day, Hour, House of Life and Conception. 2.3. Personal favourable and unfavourable elements/colours for a weak water person are = Metal and Water:- 2.4 Shapes and colour associations:- 3. [Below] The full Ba Zi chart Page 1 4. A second example: Shows that she is a weak wood person:- 5. If you are doing a Comprehensive Feng Shui Audit with us, we use individual ba zi elements to find out your combined element. In this example, the lowest common denominator is the Water element: 6. This is a Sample of a family of six (6). In this real life example, both Mr and Mrs binding element is Metal. Child C and D have to sleep together thus their binding elements were analysed to be considered in the family's Ba Zi report: Since Child A and B have their own bedrooms, under Ba Zi Feng Shui their individual best colours are looked at in relation to each of their bedrooms. [Above] This is part of Ba Zi Feng Shui.
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