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Robert Lee

Successful Re-Coding of Online.Geomancy.Net - My Feng Shui Report Management v15 to coincide with our 20 year anniversary on WWW in 2019

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Hi Everyone,

1. Our Existing Online.Geomancy.Net (Report Generation Server) which has been previously coded, tweaked & perfected, have served us well for nearly over 20+ years.

1882201305_ItsFaster.thumb.png.243bd774e5933163f953696df087bc5c.png2. Migrating soon to a completely major re-coded version of the Online.Geomancy.Net - My Feng Shui Report Management v15.

3. This was the final core section of the Geomancy.Net due for upgrading. And we want to coincide with our 20th Anniversary next year (2019)!

3.1 This major upgrade is to bring everything up to date with the latest software technology which will provide for faster report generation and also provides more responsive and modern page functionality through the use of newer technology. 

3.2 However, this is a very complicated system to replace. Given that in the past, it took us nearly 20+ years of fine-tuning the reports.

3.3 Phase I: Seamless replacement of all the old scripts exact identical to the existing system except that it has been completely re-written and re-coded in the back-end.

3.4 Once everything is completely replaced, we will then proceed with Phase II: Focus to improve the report layout and interface to utilize all the new responsive and modern page functionality.

3.5 User Acceptance Test (UAT): We are doing a detailed UAT to make sure that the new report system works 100%.  

3.6 Feel free to feedback to: support@geomancy.net if you like to give any suggestions.


Status of the Phase I of the Migration

A) Sections that have been successfully migrated

I am happy to announce that following sections have been successfully migrated:-

1) Free Public Accessible Reports (no login required, and can be upgraded without affecting the rest of the report sections)

1.1) Ba Zi Element & Luck Forecast

URL: https://www.geomancy.net/content/personalised-reports/generate-free-feng-shui-reports/find-your-chinese-horoscope-sign-personal-ba-zi-element

1.2) Eight House Chart (4 Good and 4 Bad Direction)

URL: https://www.geomancy.net/content/personalised-reports/generate-free-feng-shui-reports/eight-house-report

1.3) 30 Days Auspicious Date Reports

URL: https://www.geomancy.net/content/personalised-reports/generate-free-feng-shui-reports/30-days-auspicious-date-for-one-or-two-persons

2) Popular Reports Sections (Sections of Report Coding that don't relate directly with each other and can function separately from the main report system)

2.1) Daily Forecast Report & Forecast Scripts 

URL: https://daily.geomancy.net/

2.2) Auspicious Dates Reports

Free & Paid Auspicious Dates links generated for our clients have all been seamlessly migrated over.

2.3) Chinese Name Reports

Our private Chinese Name Analysis System that aid in more accurate and faster name analysis.

2.4) Core Report Management (Login & Report Profiles)

The core report management that 147051727_bedofroses.png.4cc95ebfa56465b8aa8fc67c0948791d.pngpowers the entire login area has been replaced to seamlessly bridge and migrate all the individual reports and sub-sections within the login area.

So far the UAT tests are working well :) 

B) So what's left for the migration?

Once all the individual reports in the Report Management (login area) are fully tested and debugged, I will replace the entire Report System. So meanwhile, the old Report System will continue to function until it is ready to be replaced. Some changes to the URL link have already been made in order to facilitate a smooth and seamless migration.

This portion is currently being tested will soon fully replace the old Report Generation Server. No ETA on this, as I would rather make sure everything is 100% perfect before it is ready to be launch. But it won't be too long, as Report System is almost ready.

Thank you for your patience and support all these years, as we continue to upgrade the site for your benefit! 

Warmest Regards
Robert Lee

Feel free to feedback to: support@geomancy.net if you like to give any suggestions.

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