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Auspicious/Average day selection


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1. Our auspicious dates does many calculations such as:-

  • checking whether the day suits the ba zi
  • checking the ba zi of the individual to the day for any clash/harms/punishments etc.
  • checking for the day vs the year having any many issues.
  • as well as some key important Tung Shu/Chinese Alamac general dates assessment.

So these are very personalised to the individual and you can use the rating in general to determine which dates are best. The other additional information such as clashes/harms are also provided, so that you can compare between two dates to see which is better. Usually, the dates with the least overall possible clash/harm found would be the most ideal.

Our personalised auspicious dates generally superceeds any general Tung Shu / Chinese Alamac, as those are based on generalised dates which doesn't yet personalise to the individual. Often, you still need to check all these such as whether there are any clashes the day and your ba zi, whether the elements is suitable to you or not. Our auspicious dates does all these for users, so you don't need to do any further calculation except to select the best overall dates for your important events.


2. So select the date by the last Rating column, such as 8 Sep 2022 (Thu) which is Auspicious, followed by either 3 Sep / 6 Sep being the average dates. Generally, the order would be:-

  • Very Auspicious - Most suitable
  • Auspicious - Next most suitable
  • Average - Next next most suitable
  • Mixed Blessing - Not the most ideal but better than Inauspicious / Very Inauspicious
  • Inauspicious - Least inauspicious
  • Very Inauspicious - Most inauspicious

As this will consider whether the day is most suitable to the ba zi elements and whether whether are any major clash/harms with the day itself, then rank it accordingly.


3. For clashes/harms, the most important major clashes/harms or any incompatibilities will be shown on the 2nd column just under the date column in red text. Such 2nd Sep 2022 where there is a HS Bad Element, Self Punishment etc. Or like 10 Sep where there is a HS Clash etc. These will indicate either the day itself having some major conflict with the year or individually whether there are some major clash/harm or incompatible elements found. Often, dates with these red warning text will usually be Inauspicious in some way or other. All these will already be considered in the rating.



4. For the 4th column the Clash/Harm/Punishment/Self Punishment, these shows all the minor clash/harm/punishment/self that may occurs in all your ba zi pillars vs the day. Since your ba zi contains many pillars year/month/day/hour plus 2 additional pillars. There will certainly be some clashes/harms/punishment/self punishment that occurs between your pillars (such as between the day vs the hour pillar), especially when so many pillars are checked.


Often, many of these are less important, but it is important to be able to see this in the report, so as to be able to make a better decision between two dates of similar ranking which is better. Usually, when there are clashes/harm/punishment/self punishment in this column they are listed under 4 lines, 1st line (red text) are clashes, 2nd line (red text) are harms, 3rd line (black text) punishment and 4th line (black text) are self punishment (specially single character like Hai). All these are shown, in case there is a need to check what is in conflict etc. 


5. In any case, what is important is between two dates say both are ranked Auspicious, but one has more minor clash/harms found in the 4th column, than the other Auspicious date which has no clash/harms, then the date with least clashes or least red clash/harms lines would be deemed better. Generally, the one rated Very Auspicious/Auspicious would be better than the Average ones since that indicates that the elements and day are suitable to the person which can boost their luck. Such as follows:-


Based on your screen capture example, 8 Sep would be the best since that is Auspicious ranking. There is nothing to compare with, so that is the best available. Of course, if there is another Very Auspicious date ranking, than that would be better than this. Otherwise, at this date range, 8 Sep is the best at the moment.

3 Sep and 6 Sep are similar since they are average, with similar punishment (Wei-Shu) since that is the 3rd line in black text. Difference between 3 and 6 Sep is that 3 Sep is Ji-Wei (Earth-Earth) day, while 6 Sep is Ren-Shu (Water-Earth). Of which both still has strongest Earth influence of the day represented by the 3rd Personal element column. This Personal element column, considers any combinations which may occur between your pillar and day, which sometimes can change the elements to a new element. So it represents the element your chart views it, when it encounters it.

Depending on your ba zi, if you do lack more Water element, then 6 Sep maybe better as the day itself contains some additional Water element. While if you lack more Earth elements, then 3 Sep is better since it is made up of 2 earth elements. So this is how you can also use the elements you lack to further fine tune which day is better between the two.


6. So with our report, all these info will be available to help clients make a better report. Hence, to summarize, all you need to do is zoom into the dates which are Very Auspicious, or Auspicious or at least Average, then check the 4th column for which dates having the least minor clash/harm/punishment/self punishment that occurs to decide which of the dates is usually the best. Last is to check the elements of the day to determine which elements that you lack in your ba zi, to further determine which dates is even more suitable.


7. The goal is to find a date that is most suitable, and with least conflict with your ba zi, as well as no major conflict between the day vs the year. In any case, the report is already simplified so all you need to do is to zoom in by the ranking column on the right. With that you can already tell which are the better dates. The rest is just for further fine-tuning to better maximise the auspicious date report. Most may not really need to know about those in details, unless you want to fine-tune to pick the best possible dates available. 


Hope that helps.


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Hi Mr Lee.

Thank you. That was really useful had to read it twice to understand. This week is quite bad but no choice as the matter has been dragging on too long and now I have to pick dates.Seems like 03/09 is the least I can accept.  Glad to have posted it and ask. 🙏

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  • Staff

No problem. Actually, I was still drafting and editing the reply. It takes a little time to format the text and add in the appropriate screen capture and so forth, in order to make it easier to understand. Although we have this auspicious date report for a long time now, we haven't yet created a guide on it. So I figured I created it while replying to your question. Anyway, I have just finished revising the reply. It should be a lot easier to understand now.

Yes, depending on date range and urgency, you often have to pick the best possible choice available. Either way, any dates which is Very Auspicious/Auspicious/Average would already be the better dates with least possible conflict available. Hence, that would give you the best overall luck.


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Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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