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Robert Lee

Web Archive History of Geomancy.Net

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Hi Users,

A link to view past main page design of this forum.

As our web resources grew, each time we had to optimise our main page with the goal of making it more user friendly.

Thus through the years we experimented with different kinds of designs to take advantage of newer HTML codes.

Keeping this link to allow us to remember how much our website has grown and improved throughout the yearsicon_smile.gif

URL: http://web.archive.org/web/*http://geomancy.net

Note: This is an external site thus beyond our control: link no longer goes directly to view our past pages. However, has to type in eg. geomancy.net to view. Apologies. Appended by Cecil Lee on August 2018.

Warmest Regards
Robert Lee
GEOMANCY.NET - Center for Applied Feng Shui Research

P.S. To-date = year 2018,  the above full link is no longer valid. The site is still around. Just need to enter the URL. Thanks 

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