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Sitting/facing position + Appreciation of the difference between Yin & Yang Feng Shui and the understanding of flow of Qi

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Dear Master Robert Lee

SmileWith regards to the sitting/facing position. Eg. South West is an excellent sitting position facing opposite North East prosperity which mean good location but let said if one sitting excellent position face opposite West death location or sitting West death location and facing opposite good location. Which is the ideal correct way to face/sitting either the bad or good location. Hence, to my opinion both make sense but it's somehow confused. How does it work here?

Thank you as always.

With warmest regards

Sophia Chia

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Dear Sophia,

1. Frankly, this really depends on how you define the Qi flow and what is it used under.

2. In houses, we are often talking about Qi flowing into the house. ie. your living room frontage faces East.

3. Qi or air will flow in from the West into the East? So don't you want Good Qi from East to flow into house as opposed to Bad Qi flowing in from West into your home?

4. That is why for our website, when we define facing direction we want good Qi to flow into the house and not bad Qi.

5. The other concept is useful for usually the Yin Feng Shui where you want to have lots of good Qi behind you so as to ward of the bad Qi. Thus, under Yin Feng Shui: sitting at your good sector helps you accumulate good Qi to defend against the bad Qi. However, I am aware that there are sites that rather define the house facing using this method. So it can be quite confusing.

6. We have studied closely the differences between Yin (for the dead) Feng Shui and Yang (for the living) Feng Shui.

7. And our approach is a realistic model using the Feng Shui meant for the living = Yang Feng Shui.

8. So ultimately, it really depends on your definition of how the Qi Flow. For us when we define facing direction say face East. This means from standing in the house looking out, that is East facing. So when East is good for us, we want good Qi to enter from the East to West. Where Qi circulating into the house is good Qi.

9. Ultimately, both concepts are not really wrong. But the application of what you want to flow in and whether you using for yin or yang feng shui is important.

10. I usually do not like to use sitting or facing direction because unless you get the orientation right, you will often get confused. Thus, using the compass (North-South) orientation is better.Thus, facing East means you literally face East direction.

Hope that helps.

Warmest Regards
Robert Lee
GEOMANCY.NET - Center for Applied Feng Shui Research


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05F9CF82-8C2C-4EC8-BFA9-A1C4A680F18E.thumb.jpeg.0dae09c7b20c1f989c9f8a78467156d2.jpeg1. This is a sterling example of "don't just follow blindly".

2. Once a while we were asked why our resource on this link  is different from some other websites:  https://www.geomancy.net/content/feng-shui-resources/fun-with-feng-shui/north-west-house


3. Just because one happen to visit one or more sites and they differ from our view-point, does not automatically make theirs absolutely correct and ours wrong.

4. In Feng Shui and many other fields, there can be differences in opinions. More importantly, it is best to understand the rationale for the differences. 

5. So why does Geomancy.net not simply follow others?

6. The TWO main reasons are:-

a. Two kinds of Feng Shui exists: Yang (for the living)  and Yin (for the dead).
b. The application of Flow of Qi.


7. For the dead, they are no longer living. Thus one way of looking at it is that they no longer breathe nor have function for their eyes, ears etc... 

8. In Yin Feng Shui, good qi is preferred at the Sitting position vs the Facing direction.

8.1. In the example, below: under Yin Feng Shui; A traditional grave-site has a Horse-shoe design.

8.2. This Horse-shoe design acts as a protection to both protect and ward of the Bad Qi. For a deceased, they are buried horizontally. And in this instance, the horse-shoe offers protection from "Head to Toe".  What better way to protect the dead than to place the person with the head first,

tombstone protective horse shoe.png

8.3. Thus for Yin Feng Shui, this is where you want to have lots of good Qi behind you so as to ward of the Bad Qi. 

9. Most chart today, is replicated from this Yin Feng Shui concept.

10. We have thus opted for the more important Qi Flow direction.

10.1 Here, good for good Qi to flow towards our face:-


10.2 For the dead, they would otherwise be lying on the ground horizontally with their head at the tip of "Horse-shoe" and their legs facing the Frontage of the grave site. Do you see the difference, here?

11. This is the rationale why Geomancy.net adopted the above layout to better reflect Yang Feng Shui concepts.

12. Thus, our charting is no accident nor a mistake. 

12.1 As shown by this example of a Qian (Ch'ien) House:-


Reference: https://www.geomancy.net/content/feng-shui-resources/fun-with-feng-shui/north-west-house

13. In real-life,  we cannot just follow blindly. This is why it is good to have healthy differences of opinion.

14. And what makes one think that just because everyone else does the same, and if someone else does it differently, they must be incorrect.

14.1 Here for all you know, it could instead be like "The rose amongst the thorns" LOL!

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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"Feng Shui is not one size fits all." 

In this instance, it depends on for whom the concept is applied to? The living or the dead?


1. Thus understand that there are differences between Yang (Living) and Yin (Dead) Feng Shui concepts is the key success factor in this write-up.

2. In my opinion, I strongly believe many Feng Shui practitioners today are not well versed in Yin (for the dead) Feng Shui.   


3. Once in a while we do encounter someone who without a proper understanding, prematurely does so. Therefore, please try to avoid jumping to the conclusion too soon.

follow the leader.png

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

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