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Does Bazi Depends on Place of Birth??

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Does Bazi Depends on Place of Birth?? I remembersome fengshui mastersask for my friends' place of birth before he do their ba-zhi. For example, im born July 29, 1980 at 2:16pm. My bazhi will be different if I was born in US from if I was born in HK.

I wonder what timezone does the free analysis use.

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Dear Marilyn,

marilyn o wrote:
Does Bazi Depends on Place of Birth?? I remembersome fengshui mastersask for my friends' place of birth before he do their ba-zhi. For example, im born July 29, 1980 at 2:16pm. My bazhi will be different if I was born in US from if I was born in HK.

1. Theorically, if you can factor in your exact place of birth (ie especially through theexact long. and lat. of birth), this would IDEALLY give you a more accurate analysis. But it has to be done via the exact long. and lat. of birth. Other methods that are currently used (ie the timezone differences etc) are not really good way to factor location due to the simplication of timezone and many reasons.

2. However, realistically there are many people who don't even know the exact time of birth let alone the exact place of birth.

a.Firstly, the problem is that not everyone record the exact long. and lat. of birth.

b. Secondly, even if there is the accuracy of this inforrmation will have to be 100% error free otherwise a degree of error in this long and lat. may result in a less accurate chart. As a degree off will mean a completely different chart altogether.

c. Since no one really record this inforrmation, so this means itis attempt to get this information hard to know for sure. Even if you roughly know the hospital that you are born, the exact room you are born will also result in different long. and lat.

So if one really want to consider the long. and lat. factor, I personally find that you will end up with ahigher degree of error rather than being more accurate. So I find thisfactor does not necessary mean that you will get a more accurate analysis,
in fact, it is more likely you may make the analysis less accurate if information are not 100% correct.

3. Furthermore, if you really know the mechanics behind the ba zi chart is derived, you will know that it was designed such that even if you leave the time of birth unknown, you can still get a fairly accurate analysis. Why?

a. Simply because the 10-yearly, yearly chart are based more on the Month and Year of birth pillar. So irregardless of what hour pillar forms the 4th pillar in the entire ba zi chart, the luck pillars chart will not differ much.

b. What the hour pillar really affects is the accuracy of determining whether you are a weak or strong person and the exact percentage of the five element percentage and maybe some characteristic analysis.

Even so, in our many analysis the day without an hour often defines 80%-90% of the overall weak or strong. This means only a few hour may result in a change from weak to strong or vice versa. That is why even without the hour pillar, a fair analysis can be done.

Thus, for those that attempted to factor in the timezone different, this factor really significantly affect much of the luck factor. Only the characteristics and breakdown of five element percentage will differ. The rest will have minimal impact except maybe the presences of like clashes/harms in different luck pillar which tells us whether you will have a difficult period or not. Essentially, not much will have much impact from the hour pillar.

That is why you find that often when it comes to really famous personalities being analysed on their ba zi, you find that most just use the date of birth (without the time of birth nor location factor), and yet it is able to get a good forecast on that person.

4.The ba zi is only a heavenly given luck, so it is supposed to forecast only what is supposed to happen. A lot of people have the misconception that ba zi is able to 100% predict past events. This is actually not true. A ba zi can forecast the type of luck, assuming that there are no other external factors that influence you.

However, in the real world, your home/your environment/your relationship with people around you/your education etc will have direct impact over your home. Especially your home (Earth Luck) and your relationship (Human Luck). It is these changes/factor that often result in difference in predicted luck and what you exactlly experience.

For example, when your luck period is bad, but your home feng shui is good and your environment is good, your luck will often be better than your predicted luck.

So it does not mean that having factor in the exact long. and lat. will mean that the ba zi will be more accurate. On the contrary, it is likely to make the chart less accurate if you do not get the long. and lat. correctly.

5. In fact the only way to get a very very accurate fortune told, is not just to focus on one single theory. The reason why feng shui when applied correctly is so powerful is not because it is so, but rather because of the numerous feng shui theories that work together to give a very well rounded analysis. Each theory has it's advantage and edge, so only when you really take advantage of it, will you really get a full and all rounded analysis.

That is why to get a really accurate fortune, you cannot just depend on Ba Zi analysis. A really accurate analysis is done using several concepts such as a combination of (ba zi analysis, horoscope/astrology/zi wei dou shu analysis, palmistry analysis, face reading analysis, i-ching/oracle, etc). It is the use of all these concept together, that one can really get a really accurate analysis. This is because each theory will reinforce the other, and as the saying goings the more concept you use, the more accurate the analysis because each theory will cancel the weakness of the other.

So to get a more accurate analysis, you should be using the different tools (taking the best analysis result of each tool so as to get the best possible reading). There is no way to get an accurate just by depending on one single concept.

6. So more important, I find that focusing on intepretating the analysis based on how the information balanced up is ultimately what makes ba zi so flexible and yet able to give a good prediction. It is how the chart balance up that gives us an understanding as to why this year is good or bad. This is why though there are different variations in concepts, when the consultant/master does a very good analysis of the chart, you will find that they will still be able to pinpoint what's wrong and how to correct them. So it is a good interpretation of the chart that tells a good forecast from a bad on.

So it is for the above reasons and many other reaons which I haven't touch on that is why we DO NOT require the place of birth information. As we really find it unnecessary and only adds more room for error rather than making it more accurate.

Warmest Regards
Robert Lee
GEOMANCY.NET - Center for Applied Feng Shui Research

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