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Neutralizing Element

The key to Feng Shui revolves around the understanding of the 5 Elements. A Feng Shui practitioner must be conversant in understanding, analysing and interpreting the productive and destructive sequences of the 5elements. In this site, many topics at one time or another make use of the 5elements.

It is not uncommon for a Feng Shui practioner to ask you to place potted plants in the North (Water element) of the house or to have `warm' coloured curtains in the South (Fire element) to `enhance' that particular location. 

Productive Sequence

If an element comes under the threat of another element e.g. water puts out fire; fire melts metal; metal breaks wood; wood (roots of plants) penetrates the earth; and earth is absorbed water. In this situation, Feng Shui experts will advice you to place a neutralising element to avoid such harmful effects.

Destructive Sequence

Step 1: Locate the threaten or strength influencing an element:-


The Site

The `Threat' from

Neutralizing element



Wood or Metal



Metal or Fire



Fire or Water



Earth or Wood



Water or Earth

Step 2: Finding a `cure':- 





fabrics in blue, grey, black leather and blue paintings e.g. sea scenes


plants or yellow fabrics or yellow paints and painting


plants, wooden furniture and wooden objects.


more warm colours, light and heating


metallic objects like chrome, stainless steel, decorative bronze and silver and any other metal objects.




Users Comments our sincere gratitude to.... Cecil Lee Cecil Lee - Feng Shui at Geomancy.Net(1). Hi Cecil and Robert,

Thank you very much for participating in our Live Chat, all our members learned a lot from your pre-asked question answers as well as from the two hour session....the respond for this event was better than our last Live Chat. We have about 27 members taking part in the session.

We are proud to be the first arowana web site to be having such a comprehensive Q&A on the topic of fengshui.

I hope the attendance is within your expectation.....I guess both of you must have type non-stop for the whole of two hours. :)

The team of arowanaclub will like to express our sincere gratitude to the both of you for taking valuable time off.

Hope this exposure will increase more business for you.

Best regards
Victor Ng

(2). Hi Cecil

Your site is highly recommended by my friend. Have spent an hour surfing through your site and I must say it is really WONDERFUL. Angela C. (new forum member)

(3). Hi Master Cecil & Master Robert,

Thanks for the speedy reply. I am really impressed with the efficient services provided by your company. May many more people also benefit from your geomancy services. Wishing You and Family A Prosperous and Fruitful New Year.

Best Wishes, Kian Pin, 1st February 2003