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Good Numbers:-

No. 2No. 5No. 6No. 8No. 9No. 10No. 13No. 88No. 99

Inauspicious Number:-

No. 4 

Neutral Numbers:-

No. 1No. 3

Chinese has no specific significance attached with number7 while 13 of Buddhist religious significance and also the number of lunar months in the year is regarded as being very good. The Chinese belief that certain numbers appear to be luckier when written in the Western style. For example, the figure 88 looks like the Chinese character for `Double Happiness' a most auspicious door number for a young married couple.

Eight is also the number of the immortals, the trigrams and the number of characters in a Chinese date of birth. When the Chinese character for long life is written in flowing script, the lower part of the character resembles the Western figure 9.

Nine is also the number of the Pa Kua, the Mansions in the Book of Rites, and the number of Lights in heaven, the sun, moon and seven stars . Other preferred numbers are 5. The number of the Chinese elements and 6 which is said to bring wealth.

Oddly the number 1 is not particularly liked. The only number disliked is figure 4, Superstitious Chinese say bring bad luck. Cantonese (a Chinese dialect) says 4 means `say' which is a direct translation meaning `die' But wait. here is the good news:-

Question: About house numbers--- out of all #'s I have the '4' !! What can be done to help my house, entrance, I can't move.

I am pleased to inform you that contrary to what many people think under the Chinese numerology, No. 4 is an auspicous number.

Let me explain:-

Although the Cantonese (one of the Chinese dialects) say that no. 4 stands for " say " or die, Chinese Numerology and even the Jews Numerology all indicate that No. Four is auspicious.


For example, the " powerful " Flying Star theory analyses number 1 to 9 either on it's own or a combination of these numbers and no. 4 by itself is always considered an auspcious number or even in combination with other good numbers like 1, 8 or 6.

The number that are not auspicious are instead no. 3, 5 or 2 and if it is not the period 7, then no. 7.

Therefore, it is indeed a blessing in disguise that your number 4 or 4444 are not what it seems.

I hope now that you do not regret having 4 or 44 or 444's etc.!


There is a house number theory which is used by some Hong Kong Master (especially those who had mastered the Flying Star or Xuan Kong plus the Shapes and Forms) regarding the use of the Flying Star (9 lu shu number) to give a general explanation of the house based on the house number. This is specially true for flats because not every unit with a certain flying star chart will have the same feng shui.

As such the house number was used to give this additional interpretation of the feng shui of the the various units in the same estate etc. Especially if for the unit number, a 81 interpretation of the various 9 x 9 luo shu numbers can be used to give a general description of auspicious or inauspicious aspect of the house.

Under this simple calculation, every number can be related to the luo shu square by apply the period of the house. Eg. if the house is in period 7 (1984-2003), you can do a quick calculation which for the number 4 will relate to 1. This goes the same even for a large number. This will give the luo shu square. However, as year of the house was not given, there is no way I can tell if it is auspicious or not.

However, this is an additional Feng Shui calculation method of viewing and relating to a house number. However, as it only able to tell generally if the house number is generally auspicious or not. There are only a few Chinese Books documented by several Feng Shui masters in Hong Kong (esp. those relating to Xuan Kong Ji Shu).

The numbers 2, 5, 6, 8, 9 and10 are lucky. 2 means easy, 5 means in harmony with the five elements, 6 represents wealth, 8 means becoming rich, 9 is synonymous with longevity, and 10 measure sure. Thus an office address like 289 means easy to become rich for a long period or that the business will prosper for a long time.

On the other hand the number 744 sure to die or that the business will not succeed. The number 4 is unpopular because in Cantonese means die. the number 1 is also not popular although not unnecessarily unlucky.

The Chinese prefer double digits to avoid the feeling of loneliness. Number 3 is not particularly lucky even if it sounds like "alive" in Cantonese.



Users Comments
Best Site on the Web Cecil Lee Cecil Lee - Feng Shui at Geomancy.NetDear Cecil,

After browsing many many feng shui sites, I came to one conclusion: your site is the most sensible, reasonable and helpful one of all. I've been to sites where they want to sell you just about anything and everything. The information they are willing to give is so trivial and one senses that the only thing they are interested in is to make money and sell you products that might and might not fit in with your decor or your culture, and of course doesn't serve the purpose of curing and or enhancing.

Sorry for the long message, but I have a friend who spent a fortune buying all types of figurines to cure then to enhance and then eventually all she got was more figures on her credit card and no luck!

I believe that what one should do is get your advise first because it makes so much sense and it is always sincere. I also believe that people should buy things that pleases their eye and provide a sense of beauty and balance.

Again sorry for the long message and thank you for a wonderful site.

Luna Ghobar, 10 March 2003

Students new to Feng Shui can learn more on their own, with the help of a few good books and this website, than many "practitioners" can teach them.

Regina Cohn, 29, January 2004